Buddhology: A Critical Study of Buddhism

NOTICE: This Tribe was formally known as "Academic Study of Buddhism"

This tribe is a hub for the study of Buddhism critically.. Utilizing a variety of sources, including archaeology, epigraphy, textual sources, and ethnography, we discuss Buddhism as a unique phenomenon that is constantly changing. Buddhology is an increasingly popular field.
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Key scholarly reference covering all Buddhist traditions: "Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism"
10/20/14 offlineK
Re Four Theses : a teacher responds
10/04/14 offlineK
Buddhist Deity of Compassion Avalokitesvara/ Tara / Kuanyin : References and resources ( and an event with Sandy Boucher In Seattle 15 April )
06/21/14 offlineK 1 reply
Ganesh ( Ganapati ) the Hindu Buddhist Deity : practices references and transmission
06/06/14 offlineK 15 replies
"The Wisdom of Manjusri" : Manjusrinamasamgiti and Commentaries
12/28/13 offlineK
“The Sutra of the Recollection of the Noble Three Jewels” ( Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha ) As taught by Guru Sakyamuni Buddha
11/17/13 offlineK 1 reply
Mahamudra: A Buddhist awareness yoga of highest yoga tantra ( jnanayoga )
11/01/13 offlineK 5 replies
The Way of a Vajrayani Yogi
06/29/12 Kulavad... 5 replies
01/30/12 Kulavad... 3 replies

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