wife finally let me eat MY creampie

Fri, April 2, 2010 - 10:40 AM by Unsubsc...

I am not a Cuck or in that type of relationship, but it has been a long time fantasy (dream) of mine to eat MY cum from my wife's pussy. This past Wednesday my dream came true, every Wednesday night we go to a local bar to see our favorite band and have a few drinks. we have been married 16 years and always had some sort of "date night", and this one went very well. my wife had been expressing how horny she was and how she wanted me to go down on her and have sex all week, and on the way home from the bar she gave me road head and was saying how she wanted me to eat and fuck her, needless to say I broke a few speed laws to get home, and once we got there we headed straight to the bedroom where I proceeded to eat her pussy till she was moaning in orgasm, the I fucked her till I fill her with a huge load, we hadn't had sex in a while so I was a little backed up, and usually she'll go to the bathroom and clean up but she was saying how she wanted more and I told her I will eat you out some more, to which she said, but you came, then I told her I don't care, then she grabbed my head and pushed my face into her pussy, my cum was flowing out of her and I licked and sucked it all up. I ate her till she was cumming again and by that time I was hard and ready to go again, so I did and ate her after the second time also, it was everything I dreamed it would be. I eat my own cum most of the time when I masturbate and I love the taste, but the taste was even better when mixed with her sweet pussy. she said she really enjoyed it and said next time I want you to share with me, I can't wait to eat MY cum out of her pussy then kiss her swapping it with each other.