Creative Cross Pollination

If you've gone deep on your own art form, gotten rooted, done a lot of growing, playing and thinking, but you always dig that fresh shot of insight from someone who follows another discipline, check us out. This tribe is for committed creatives of all types interested in expanding or exploding their paradigm by sharing with others. Offering and sprouting new ideas on process, development, integration. Offering fresh perspectives and philosophies from every tradition, discipline, and origin. This is a place for ideas to thrive.

What this tribe is NOT: It is not about "Business of Art" topics -- there are great tribes for that already. This is not a place to discuss how to sell work, how to get a gallery or a gig, or where to buy gear or find space. It's not a place for formal critique. It is not a methods and materials tribe --- again, there are plenty of good tribes that will help you learn how to get started on one discipline or another. This is not a place to promote political or "revolution" concepts --- again, there are other tribes doing that already.

This tribe assumes that you are already well along and happy in your discipline, fervent in your calling as a creative, of whatever sort, and keenly interested in continuing to expand horizons and mindset.

Who should jump on? Curious and awake people in the full swing of their vocation who want to offer and receive visions of a whole different facet of the diamond. Sculptors, writers, painters, jewelers, actors, dancers, performers, jugglers, puppeteers, costume designers, photographers, mask makers, wood workers, illustrators, printmakers, installation artists, performance artists, video and new media artists, bloggers, poets, composers, musicians of every description, screenwriters, computer animators, drummers, conductors, North Americans, South Americans, Europeans, Africans, Asians, Australians, tribal artists, traditional artists, avant-garde artists, bleeding-edge artists, young adults, senior citizens, centegenarians, -- the single common feature being a willingness to get into the weeds with your brothers and sisters.

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