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For Belly Dancers who share a Diva's ideals on the world of dance, her true love of performance & glamour as well as her passion for building a strong dance community....
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2nd annual Big Bellydance Show
04/15/09 Fiji
Oh my how time flyes.....Belly dancing at Alexanders Greek Cuisine Coming March 7th
02/27/09 susan 3 replies
Video audition for Alexanders Greek Cuisine....
01/17/09 susan 5 replies
Moderator !
11/23/08 Devi
09/27/08 Maia Al...
Date check- Nov 20th
09/23/08 Maia Al... 1 reply
Since retreat is coming...let's play a new game
07/30/08 Devi 2 replies
Unmata is coming Unmata is coming...
04/30/08 susan
ok it has been game....
02/01/08 susan 12 replies

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