Diva Dreads

Diva Dreads is a Tribe devoted to the business of creating dread lock hair falls and extensions. The individuals who make up this company have been working with hair for 40 years collectively. We are family run and owned, and devoted to quality dread falls, and hair pieces. Catch us at and Facebook
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Where to find us
09/30/11 Brandie
Attend the Vegas Intensive--FREE
02/25/10 Samira 1 reply
02/25/10 b3rd
Check out the updated website
09/16/09 Brandie
Diva Dreads @ the Vegas Intensive!!!
09/02/09 Samira 9 replies
Diva Dreads at Punk Raq's
06/26/09 Brandie
More Changes over at
05/25/09 Brandie
Diva Dreads at Bat's Day at the Park Saturday!!!!
05/01/09 Brandie
making dread wig
04/13/09 Sersi 3 replies

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