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"I envision a world where the only obligation of the people is to have fun…"
~Dr. Steel

Dr. Steel has dedicated his life to the ideal of uniting the people of this world to form one, symbiotic, fun-loving family.

Dr. Steel's vision of transforming this dreary world into a Utopian Playland spans age, race and gender, unifying all of humanity with a singular goal; happiness.

As World Emperor, Dr. Steel strives to rebuild the world, free from boredom, fear and war. Creating a place where fun is the top priority.

Support Dr. Steel's plans for world domination today!

This is a tribe for discussing the music, vision, and amazing fashion sense of the one and only Dr. Steel. All Toy Soldiers, Scouts, Nurses, and potential Soldiers, Scouts, and Nurses are welcome to join in!

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