Eco-Pioneers : Community Cultivators

"The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings."

-Masanobu Fukuoka, ~The One-Straw Revolution~

This group is public and open to everyone (as we are all the pioneers of our respective and collective destinies) but it specifically calls out to those who are unafraid to be 'different'. Unafraid to challenge today's conventional wisdoms and status quos. Those who have - or are ready to - break free from the indoctrination of our consensual realities - those with the vision to see beyond the orthodox and habitual pathways of thought into the veldt of the unexplored! This is a place for the unbridled spirits of the world to coalesce and help usher in a whole new paradigm of collective consciousness!

simply stated,
the idea is to create networks,
networks of networks
and networks within networks
so that we might all uplift one another!

“We will act as pioneers, who will begin to create diverse rhizome nodes, each one representing an individual ’s struggle to solve the problems of hierarchy and human ontogeny. The more we learn and break free from the control of genes and memes, the more success these pioneers will have. Effective tools and practices will spread, and the rhizome network will grow and strengthen. As this network evolves, it will provide a realistic, implementable alternative to hierarchy —an alternative that fulfills our genetic ontogeny and empowers us as individuals.”

- Jeff Vail, ~A Theory of Power~

Feel free to join in on or start your own discussion thread in relation to eco-pioneering and community cultivation.

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Eco-Pioneers : Community Cultivators does not advocate nor does it condone violence in anyway!
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