! The Heart Wisdom Media Collective

Announcing the creation of: “THE HEART WISDOM MEDIA COLLECTIVE”
(A collective of media makers, whose film and video projects celebrate life and express unconditional love for the world as it is)

Dear Friends,
Patrick Harvard here.

This is an invitation to film and video makers living in Southern California to collaborate in making projects that point toward the deeper Truth of our being.


Because we want everyone in the cooperative to get along well, we are seeking members who will live and work out of a common understanding.

So please read the following vision statement so you can determine if you are in the right place:


While we wish to encourage the collective’s participants maximum freedom of self-expression, at the same time, we encourage the possibility that all will aspire towards the following vision to inform our work.

- This collective will be made up of people who aspire to practice unconditional love and acceptance in the expression of their work and in how they collaborate with each other.

– We recognize that the world, and all that we encounter in it, is a perfect expression of an infinite creative intelligence that is beyond the comprehension, concepts and beliefs of the mind. Truth, what is Real can be experienced from the awareness that lies beyond the mind. Wisdom is not found through the mind’s logic but, in silence, from the intuitive knowing of the heart. We aim to have wisdom guide us in the creation of our work.

-- While our minds will attempt to judge aspects of life as being “right” or “wrong,” with our deeper wisdom, we aim to detach from our negative (and positive) judgments and to lovingly embrace life exactly as it is. Not judging circumstances and behavior, our own and others, we trust that all people are doing the best that they can with the circumstances, knowledge, tools and understanding available to them at any given time.

- With the media we create, we behave, not as propagandists, but as honest inquirers and educators. We do not aim to change other people’s behavior, their circumstances or their opinions. Instead, we aim toward opening willing hearts and minds to new, unimagined possibilities that serve the greater good of humankind and of nature.

- We remind our audiences that as voyagers through space, we all share the same ship (Planet Earth). As media makers, the perspectives and outcomes we offer are aimed toward peacefully bringing all people together in thought and in action for the common good of the Universe.

- With open, honest inquiry, ignorance and confusion can be illuminated and resolved. It is the work of the media collective to lead the way to clear, unified understandings that can be shared by all people.

- Not validating or taking sides in conflict or political debate, we act as wisdom-bringers, peacemakers and harmonizers. We demonstrate that the open, non-believing, creative mind sees no obstacles, only opportunities for mutual support and friendly collaboration.

- We see that there are neither enemies nor problems in the world. We aim to approach our work with love, compassion and understanding for everything and for everyone. We hold that the peace and harmony that arise in the world correlate directly to the peace and harmony that has arisen within each individual.

To be clear, this collective is not for those who wish to do good in the world, but for those who wish to express the good that they experience in the world.

This collective is not for those who wish to make the world a better place, but for those who wish to describe the world as a sacred place.

I hope that the act of my sharing this vision with you will generate beautiful possibilities.


Years ago, before I took on the role of wisdom coach and teacher, I made films. At that time, I collected enough production equipment to make small independent feature films.

In the near future, I will be liberating my film and video equipment, by giving it away. I wish to place my gear with a group of people who will use it and lend it out continually to make inspiring media projects. In becoming a member of this media collective, you will be able to enjoy the use of my production equipment. Please click on the photo gallery, at the top left, to view the collection of items that I am donating to make this dream a reality.


I have created this tribe page as a resource with which interested friends and family can collaborate in bringing this film collective to life.

To communicate with other members of this tribe, please write your comments to the discussion board below. Please discuss not only how you would like to see the collective work, but also what kind of projects you would like to make and collaborate on.

Please also describe your current projects and, if it feels appropriate to you, involve your fellow HWMC members in them. The idea is, through communication and action, to propel this collective from vision into being.


Below are some sample topics for film or video. Make the projects you want to make. I strongly encourage you to pursue only those topics that arise with passion and clarity from within you. They are the source of your creativity and your genuine strength.

- Inquiry into the Nature of that Reality which Lies Beyond the Reach of Illusory Words and Thoughts – The Oneness, Non Dualism, Advaita Vedanta (the Ultimate Truth that all the great spiritual traditions and scriptures point to but can not touch).

- The Inquiry, Insight and Understanding that Remove Attachment to Illusion and Suffering – exploration and discovery in the spirit of Siddhartha, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Nagarjuna, Zen Masters such as Bankai and Dogen, poets, mystics such as Rumi, Hafez, Francis of Assisi, Teresa of Avila and Meister Eckhart, spiritual teachers of the last century, such as Ramana Maharshi and Mother Teressa and modern day teachers like Adyashanti, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle and myself, those who guide seekers to the Self-knowledge that creates the bliss of inner peace.

- The Enlightening Qualities of Entheogens (Psychedelics) and Shamanic Plant Medicines – Entheogens (substances that can lead us to an experience of our oneness with the Divine) have a long and honored tradition among traditional peoples and among the ancestors of the people of the modern West. Only in recent history have humans denied themselves, through the actions of the representatives of their governments, the right to use plant and other psychedelic medicines for spiritual journeying and for the exploration of consciousness.

- Science, Nature and the Environment (In the spirit of the late Alan Watts and of current filmmakers such as Vicki Stone and Mark Deeble, creators of "The Queen of Trees")

- History (in the spirit of Ken Burns’ Civil War Series)

- Documentaries on the Issues of Our Times (non-divisive, unifying explorations of shared concerns--informed by non-judgmental intuitive thought)

- Mythology (in the spirit of Joseph Campbell)

- Educational and Instructional

- Art, Culture, Sesuality: Art, Music, Dance, Erotica, etc.


- Drama
- Love Stories
- Science Fiction
- Fantasy
- Action Adventure
- Comedy
- Animation
- Experimental
- Artistic
- Etc.

Narrative film and video that express the human condition with inquiry, insight, honesty, self-reflection, wisdom, love, gratitude, beauty, joy, playfulness, humor, compassion, sensuality....

While, at first glance, the idea of being part of this media collective may seem appealing, please be aware that this project will be a responsibility that will require considerable care and feeding. The equipment I am donating will have to be inventoried, organized and securely stored in a studio space and/or truck that is practical and accessible to the Collective. The equipment will require an inventory and tracking system. As it is used, it will need to be maintained. When gear breaks down, it will need to be repaired. A culture and an etiquette will need to be established and evolved regarding what projects get support and how the equipment is lent out and used. There will be many details to be handled and lots of human interaction. I ask that you be clear that you are passionate not only about the vision described above, but also about contributing, in every reasonable way to the success of this collective


You may reasonably ask, ‘How will the distribution of this equipment take place?” This tribe will be the place where that becomes apparent, not by an arbitrary decision on my part, but by how you, the members, come together around this vision and demonstrate your passionate involvement in it with each other.

I will be following the message board to see what conversations, relationships and projects develop. When the time is right, preferably sooner, rather than later, I will invite you to join me in a series of public gatherings to discuss the handing over of my equipment to the collective.

As things stand now, aside from providing this vision and my material resources, I wish to remain uninvolved in the running of the Collective. SO, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SEEING THIS WORK, I ENCOURAGE YOU TO BECOME ACTIVE IN BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH EVERYONE ELSE WHO SHOWS SERIOUS INTEREST.

I will not formally turn over ownership of any of the equipment until it is placed in the hands of people whom I consider to be good stewards of the vision I have expressed above.


Should interest and support for the Collective fail to materialize, or should people not be able to cooperate harmoniously to make it happen, I will probably donate my equipment to a local film school.

If you wish to speak with me directly, please message me here on tribe and provide me with your telephone number. I will call or write you when I can. In the meantime, please be patient and, through discussion, get to know the other people in this tribe.

As you are thinking about and communicating about the Heart Wisdom Media Collective, I invite you to open to the possibility that there need be no competition for resources and that, in coming together around this vision, lifelong friendships and collaborations will be born and that everyone will be pleased with the outcome.

Thank you for whatever help you can offer in placing my equipment wherever it will lovingly serve humanity and our Mother Earth. Please feel free to inform any of your friends and associates whom you think might resonate with this vision and this opportunity.

In Community,
with Love,

Patrick Harvard
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