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Sustainable Floyd
08/06/08 Ananta
Straw bale construction or ferro cement adobe style workshops or classes?
06/06/08 Eclectect 1 reply
The north pacific garbage Whorl...
05/25/08 Unsubsc... 2 replies
I took Sunray’s House and in doing so, stole his kids connection and heredity
05/24/08 Unsubsc...
Living in Floyd
02/04/08 Freeman 23 replies
I was saddened to hear....
02/03/08 Unsubsc...
Permaculture videos available to the public, regardless of politics.
02/03/08 Unsubsc...
extra FF sunday ticket...please help!
07/27/07 Sadie S...
Let's set the record straight about the "c.c.c. - wiccan gathering "-this is a false and malicious hoax.
06/20/07 Unsubsc... 1 reply

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