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Hi Folks,

Basically we are going to Crown a Fool of the Year on April 1st (3pm).
[Family Event] - Sort of...

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Fool of the Year!!!
A pageant of Fools followed by a Parade around the Art Gallery
Dress Code: Bizarre, Silly, Strange, Foolish, Fool of the Year!!!
Bring a noise maker or instrument.
Pageant of Fools
If it Rains everything but the Parade will happen under the Art Gallery in the Rink.

1: Meet at Robson Square Skating Rink 3pm (Under the Art Gallery)
2: Musicians play music until the event starts.
3: The Band of Fools parade up the Zig-Zag wheel chair ramp and over to the the Robson Steps.
4: The "Auditions" will take place - Gary will MC and invite people to step up and Audition for Fool of the year.
5: A series of Foolish Activities will lead to a Fool of the year (with a Panel of Judges & Audience Participation, like American Idol)
6 The Fool of the Year will be crowned, be given a scepter and climb atop a litter. (A porcelain throne)
7: The Fool of the Year will be paraded around the Art Gallery a few times.
8: It will end where it began... at the Steps
9: After the Foolish odyssey people will be invited to step up and give the Fool the Year his/her Prize. (massive pie induced barrage)
10: Poissant Pasties (hand made fish pins) will be attached to the backs of the Pie Brigade.
11; In honor of the old new year the Audience will usher in a springtime countdown and throw the pies.
12: After this Gary will host a Doink
13 The Band will jam and that will be all.

This event will end at approximately 4:20
Simple as a Dimple.
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