Infinite Connections

Infinite Connections is a multifaceted company specializing in Artist Booking and Event Production with the goal of connecting people to new experiences through art and music.

Infinite Connections works directly with an extensive list of artists that are available for world-wide booking. Our ever-expanding roster includes producers and DJs in various genres of electronic music (progressive trance, ambient, fullon, minimal) and cutting-edge performance art.

Electric Dream Records,
Ambient grooves and Morning sounds after a rockin' psychedelic night

Music: Hard with a funky style, while delivering unexpected twists and turns

Back to Mars,
Music: A blend of warm progressive and twisted fast psychedelic trance

Music: Groovy Psytrance with a Hard Edge

Treavor Moontribe,
Music: Hard hitting Psychedelic and Progressive

Ghreg on Earth,
Music: Meshing, blurring and slurring wildly diverse stylistic elements into trance dancefloor alchemy

Performance: Modern performance art with ancient rituals of body suspension

Osiris Indriya,
Music: Progressive to Psytrance through Hard Techno and Breaks

Music: Progressive House and Psytrance; Luscious Downtempo

Jay Selway,
Music: From psychotic full-on to electro house and funky progressive

Our brands:
IOSIS Art Party:
Like the final stage in Alchemy, IOSIS Art Parties blend together the power of different worlds and transforms them into something new. Pulsating beats, inspirational sights, scrumptious treats, and visions through light… put them all together and you get IOSIS Art Party the finest international trance music and visual art.

BREAKS & FREAKS where the best West Coast Breakbeat DJs and producers go head to head with real circus freaks, clowns, acrobats, and fire performers to create as much mayhem as possible. Breaks & Freaks Tribe

Body Systems Dark Art Party:
From Infinite Connections, creators of IOSIS Art Parties and Breaks & Freaks, comes Body Systems Dark Art Party, an exploration into the shadowy sides of art and music.
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