Kassar, tribal duo from New Jersey

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Come get some!
06/14/10 Melanie
Kassar in VEGAS, baby!!!
05/08/10 Samira 7 replies
Kassar workshop in Maryland with Ali of N.O.madic Tribal!!!
06/27/09 Karin
Kassar at ReOrient Show in Baltimore - June 14th
06/08/09 Ariel 1 reply
Thanks from Elevation
04/24/09 Ocean 2 replies
Kassar and n.o.madic tribal in MD in July
04/09/09 Ali 2 replies
Don't miss Karin's new class on Mondays in Morristown NJ
04/05/09 Kim
Vadalna Upcoming Events (Kassar in November!!)
04/04/09 Vadalna
04/01/09 Ocean 1 reply

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