Santa Cruz Kinksters

A place for those that identify as kinky in Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas. I no longer, or for that matter ever had the time to manage this so I am letting it go free
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SF Citadel Open for New Years Eve
12/28/08 Phil
Branding class with Fakir Musafar
05/26/08 Phil
Kinkster without a car!
03/23/08 Alice
sf Citadel Presents,, The Cops, Open Play,Girls Gone Wild,Dming class, and Naughty Knitter????? hmmm Dont miss out!
12/14/07 Phil
Bent and Blood
12/06/07 Phil
Singletails, Blood, Erotic Hypnosis, and The Cops.. all at SF Citadel.. Dont Miss out!
11/29/07 Phil
SFCItadel Presents: FifthAngel, BENT, Singletailing classes Plus a lot More!
11/27/07 Phil
Flea and Fandango, December 9th
11/18/07 Phil
Sf Citadel Up and coming ! Dont Miss Out.. Masters Den. Advanced needle play with Desiree' and More!
11/15/07 Phil

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