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Intention: to create a powerful network of beautiful and talented women in the Los Angeles area
Postings: should be specific for either creating unified situations such as "girls night out" or to pass useful and fabulous information along.
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More info about chemicals in cosmetics
03/17/08 Andie
*great new healthy makeup
02/29/08 Stardust 1 reply
One Flaw IN Women
02/23/08 Stardust 2 replies
Go easy on medicated lotions, creams, gels...
02/06/08 Unsubsc...
*perhaps using cosmetics without parabins would be a good idea* anything to escape breat cancer*
12/03/07 Stardust 1 reply
**new menstrual miracle
11/05/07 Stardust
**important number to know**#77
09/26/07 Stardust 3 replies
silk thermal underwear is the way to go in the cold
01/09/07 Stardust
Shouted Whisper: Issue 001 is here!
12/04/06 Unsubsc...

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