Greetings and thank you for coming- Mysteryschool2013 is a collective where everyone is a STUDENT and a TEACHER. In this class you will have the opportunity to share,study and quiz your fellow Galactic Council Members on various subjects pertaining to our evolution as rising culture- Religion,Childcare,Eldercare,Healthcare,Plant/Animal Medicine, Ceremony,Sacred Sites,Travel, Intentional Communities,Jedi-Trainning Camps,Music,Dance,Yoga.... In the very least , please post some photos, topics of discussion, related interest ,quotes of awareness or anything of deep intrigue to your soul that you would enjoy some reflection on- We here at the Mysteryschool are striving to extend the wisdom of our elders to our growing family, and to create another network of awareness in honor of the cycles we live.
If you have any suggestions on how to make our school a more functional and better place for learning please feel free to express your vision as we will certainly take it to heart- STAY TUNED MORE TO COME......
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Yellow Pages for Higher studies
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