The Old Hippie Hymnal

The Old Hippie Hymnal, a collection of songs that captures the spirit of the times. While some think those times are long gone, for others the music never stopped.

The "hippie movement" is spiritual as much as cultural, social or political, and a lot of these songs are easily sung as spirituals and gospel. While we might claim them as our own around a camp fire, or a pipe circle, some of the songs would fit into almost any hymnal, if they were sung by a community in the right spirit.

Here are some ideas for song suggestions:

-- It would also be nice to hear stories of how a certain song influenced or helped you along, and why it should be included.

-- Try to include lyrics and writer's name, if known. That way, as we grow the list, all the lyrics will be published in the tribe. It also helps for discussion of song lyrics, and for the edification of those who aren't familiar with the song.

-- While there are a lot of great songs out there, what we're looking for here is uplifting spiritual type songs such as "Eyes of the World", anthems to the joys of hippiedom, such as "Volunteers", or social consciousness songs, such as "I'm Going To Say It Now". Old fashioned love songs are alright too if they have a uplifting quality to them.

-- When suggesting give the song title and the author, just saying "How about some Beatles?" isn't enough to go on. They wrote a lot of songs, and some, such as All You Need Is Love, should be included, others, such as Piggies, don't really fit in with the concept here.

-- It doesn't have to be old songs, and doesn't have to be old hippies involved! Just remember those lyrics!

-- As moderator I am ultimately the editor of the song list, but not a dictator - I believe in democracy. So if a majority of members thinks a song should be included, we'll go with the majority. Likewise keeping a song out, if a majority don't like it, then it's not included.


The list so far. I will keep this up to date with people's suggestions.

After The Gold Rush -- Neil Young
All Along the Watchtower -- Bob Dylan
Blowing In the Wind -- Bob Dylan
Box of Rain -- R. Hunter, J. Garcia
Changes -- David Bowie
Changes -- Phil Ochs
Chimes of Freedom - Bob Dylan
Colors of the Sun -- Jackson Browne
Doctor My Eyes -- Jackson Browne
Early Morning Rain -- Gordon Lightfoot
Eyes of the World -- R. Hunter, J. Garcia
Farther On -- Jackson Browne
Flesh and Blood -- Johnny Cash
For Everyman -- Jackson Browne
Four Strong Winds -- Ian Tyson
Fresh Air -- Dino Valenti
Friend of the Devil -- R. Hunter, J. Garcia, J. Dawson
Gentle On My Mind -- John Hartford
Get Up, Stand Up - Bob Marley
Good Christian Soldier -- Kris Kristofferson
Good Shepherd -- Jefferson Airplane
Heart of Gold -- Neil Young
Helpless -- Neil Young
Hickory Wind -- Gram Parsons
I Ain't Marching Anymore - Phil Ochs
I Dreamed I Saw Saint Augustine -- Bob Dylan
I Shall Be Released -- Bob Dylan
If I Had A Hammer -- Pete Seeger
Imagine -- John Lennon
I'm Going To Say It Now - Phil Ochs
I'm Not Marching Any More - Phil Ochs
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue -- Bob Dylan
It’s Alright Ma, I’m Only Bleeding -- Bob Dylan
Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream -- Ed McCurdy
Laughing -- David Crosby
Lay Down Your Weary Tune -- Bob Dylan
Let’s Get Together -- Chet Powers
Like A Rolling Stone -- Bob Dylan
Long May You Run -- Neil Young
Looking Into You -- Jackson Browne
Me and Bobby McGee -- Kris Kristoferson
Mr. Tambourine Man -- Bob Dylan
Nature's Way -- Randy California
New Speedway Boogie -- R. Hunter, J. Garcia
Pack Up Your Sorrows -- Richard Farina
Our Lady of the Well -- Jackson Browne
Return of The Grievous Angel -- T. Brown, G. Parsons
Ripple -- R. Hunter, J. Garcia
Rock Me on the Water -- Jackson Browne
Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands -- Bob Dylan
Stay Human -- Michael Franti
Suzanne -- Leonard Cohen
Teach Your Children Well -- David Crosby
The Ghost of Tom Joad -- Bruce Springsteen
The Weight -- Robbie Robertson
There But For Fortune -- Phil Ochs
These Days -- Jackson Browne
Turn, Turn, Turn -- Pete Seeger
Uncle John’s Band -- R. Hunter, J. Garcia
Up On Cripple Creek -- Robbie Robertson
Volunteers -- Jefferson Airplane
Wasn’t Born To Follow -- C. King, G. Goffin
We Can Be Together -- Jefferson Airplane
What About Me? -- Dino Valenti
When I'm Gone -- Phil Ochs
White Bird -- David LaFlamme
White Rabbit -- Grace Slick
Wooden Ships -- D. Crosby, P. Kantner, S. Stills
Woodstock -- Joni Mitchell
Yell Fire -- Michael Franti
Yes I Will -- Michael Franti
You Never Blow Yr Trip Forever -- Daevid Allen

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