A place for friends of Red Moon Tribe, a Tribal Fusion Bellydance troupe based in Springfield, MO. Post your thoughts, feedback, requests, praises and any other info you want us to know! Also see our website,
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Costuming Workshop in St. Louis
01/13/10 Red Camel
New Session of Tribal Style Bellydance starts July 13th!
07/09/09 Zivah
Spring Hafla!
04/15/09 Zivah
03/22/09 Melanie 1 reply
Bellydancing with the Bard--starting tonight!
05/29/08 Zivah
New Renaissance Faire in Joplin, MO
04/22/08 Zivah
Bedouin Cirque April 26th Norman, OK
04/08/08 Stephanie
Fusion Fest 2 March 29-30th in KC
03/12/08 Layla
Hello 2008!
01/15/08 Zivah

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