! UrBaN EtHnIC Chic !

For anyone interested or always on a look out for ethnic chic garbs, jewelry, bags etc. A community where you can find fusions of ethnicity and contemporary ready to wear clothing and jewelry that creates... Urban Ethnic Chic!

My fascination with eolved from my frequent trips to Asia and as a “savoir-faire shopper” in chic ethnic garbs, I have been always attracted to mixing ethnic garb with contemporary clothing. As an example, you could mix and match a salwar kameez (a traditional three piece suit) with a nice pair of jeans. I would toss the bottom of the salwar kameez and wear the top on it’s own either with a nice pair of designer jeans by Jerome Dahan’s- Seven for all Mankind ®, Capri pants, or on dressy occasions I’d wear the heavily embroidered salwar top, Choli or Kurta, with a nice pair of slacks. I would also accessorize it with one of our beautiful beaded bags. By way of my eclectic taste in fashion and my open-mindedness to diversity I am able to create and express myself in a very Metro Ethnic Chic way.

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