SCA Woodcraft

A tribe to discuss SCA related woodworking projects, share plans and get ideas to make SCA camp life even better.
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10/10/09 Bjorn 19 replies
ISO Pennsic Slat bed
07/29/09 Daria 2 replies
Anyone Building A Crossbow?
06/10/09 Jim 4 replies
Sorry to be a pest, in a hurray. Canvas.
06/10/09 Professor 1 reply
Sturdy bed types?
08/20/07 Valenti... 7 replies
Check out this web page!
07/17/07 Barones...
Cooler Chest
06/11/07 Valenti... 4 replies
Three Legger Chairs Or Stools?
05/24/07 Jim 5 replies
Tabbed medieval-"ish" chair project
04/11/07 Valenti... 10 replies

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