Seattle Temple

The Seattle Temple will serve as a public memorial to the victims of the Capitol Hill shootings. This project is spontaneous, organic and volunteer-driven. Go to for more information.
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Fremont BM Camp Sale May 13 Mother's Day 9AM -1PM 4005 Fremont Ave.
05/13/12 The Nak...
Beautiful Temple shot
11/27/06 Saakimba 1 reply
Thank-you/Wrap party for the Temple of Light!
09/24/06 Unsubsc...
You are cordially invited-Chris Mulally amazing musician-really amazing spiritual person-and artist muscian
09/13/06 Sabra
help document the Temple build and dedication!
07/27/06 Unsubsc...
06/24/06 Pete
BIg Fat Temple Update
06/22/06 Unsubsc...
Auction donations needed!
05/09/06 Capegirl
Prayer Flags for the bereaved
04/12/06 Cleo

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