SF Bay Area Kink-Friendly Rentals

Are you kink-friendly and have a space for rent? Or are you into kink and need a space to rent? This is for commercial rentals as well as living situation rentals. Post it here and not have those awkward moments when you want to let a potential new roommate that you are into having your boyfriend over to flog you every now and then.

Okay ... when posting, please let us know what you have available for rent or what you are looking for. In other words, put the following in your post to make it easier for people to match with you.

#1 Rental Offered or Rental Wanted
#2 Room, Apartment, Office, Warehouse, Couch, etc.
#3 Location(s) Wanted or Location Offered
#4 Utilities included or not
#5 Amount of Rent
#6 Amount of Move-in Cost
#7 Pets allowed?
#8 Non-smoking or Smoking?
#9 Even though you are kink-friendly --- is there some kind of kink that you would NOT want to be happening in your place? Might as well post it here ...
#10 Anything else that you think might be pertinent

This is a serious tribe in that we truly are wanting to help people find roommates or rentals that are friendly to their specific lifestyle. In other words, if you were looking for a roommate and you have sex orgies on a regular basis, you may want your new roommate to be hip to that. Or if you have a kink-related business (you produce BDSM movies) you may want to make sure your new landlord is hip to certain types of noises that may be coming from your office or commercial space. Or if you are a landlord and don't mind at all if someone has a kink-related business in your space, you can let people know on the front end that you don't mind at all and/or specify what you won't allow.
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