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The Star Domes Tribe has been created for the sole purpose of teaching people how to build Star Domes. If you are looking to learn how to build a Star Dome or if you would like to help us teach this skill, please join this tribe! The Star Dome, created by the Kyushu Fieldwork Society, is inspired by the geodesic dome created by Buckminster Fuller. It has been passed on to you through a chain of the most creative and astounding minds I know. I've been blessed with this knowledge and the passion to build these.... and now I would love to pass it on to you and support you in teaching others how to build Star Domes.

They are extremely portable, affordable and durable. For the basic materials I recommend using 3/4" 480psi PVC pipe in 10 or 20 ft lengths. However, if you are looking to build one out of hardwood, bamboo or other materials, feel free to post your questions here for input.
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