The Cotton Candy Connection

A place to enjoy all things sticky sweet.... add a little nonsense mixed with good sense and sit back and enjoy the carnival. Its bound to be a sticky sweet... lip lickin' .... ass smackin' good time!
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06/14/11 Mickey
Wait till they show up with a custom breathalizer
10/13/09 torroid
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss
08/29/09 torroid 2 replies
02/09/09 7 replies
Rough day
10/03/08 SN 12 replies
You say Cotton Candy...
09/28/08 9 replies
Cotton what?
09/28/08 Gigi 15 replies
It's hot
06/22/08 Shantas... 7 replies
Pennywise aside,
06/20/08 24 replies

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