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A tribe for information on Tamra-henna's latest endeavors as well as discussion regarding: dance and culture, artistic philosophies, music and of course technique!
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At its best
10/11/09 dina 2 replies
Tamra-henna on Face book
10/11/09 Tamra-h...
Tamra-henna workshops & show Edmonton, AB, Canada
03/26/09 Shahenda
Updated workshop calendar?
03/25/09 Rhonda
When is the second IAMED dvd coming out?
01/04/09 lapetit...
Happy new year!!!
01/02/09 Unsubsc...
I've finally done it....
08/15/08 Tamra-h... 2 replies
I'm back!!
08/13/08 Tamra-h... 3 replies
06/21/08 Bellybabe 2 replies

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