the clockwork forest

deep in the heart of the
secret forest, lies
+ the clockwork forest +
invisible to the naked eye
time has no meaning here
where the trees tock tick
and the cuckoo birds sing
for what meaning have time?
when here always, is spring
our portal is the magical milkwood
under the greenwood canopy
fabulous framework of awe
with the soft moss underfoot
deep purple japanese maples
and fiery red azaleas dazzle
multi colored delphiniums flourish
and yellow gladioli bloom
where the tree creeper lives
and the green woodpecker drums
deep down in the hidden dell
paradise of florid flower
sunshine dapples the leaves
and shards of light diffuse
on the babbling brook
as it follows its zig zag course
within this magical kingdom
and the rabbit warrens
run through the golden bough
we will always be happy here
in this heaven we treasure
where the chiff chaffs warble
and the roe deer run free
and deep in the velvet night
the twinkling owls and faeries appear
in a beautiful menagerie
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