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Will i get a govt job ??????
04/11/14 Himanshu 1 reply
Mai life me kya banuga....yet it is not cleared, finally whats my occupation????
03/28/14 PRANSHU...
any chance for going abroad again and remaining Rahu dasa
03/21/14 Vinod 3 replies
wasteful expenditure in USA need remedies
03/15/14 Vivek
About 9th lord!!!
03/07/14 MoonHar... 9 replies
Sad love life
03/06/14 jamie 1 reply
Working abroad Prediction not true: Please guide
03/04/14 Rakesh
Guruji plz Help me with respect to Career
02/22/14 Naveen
02/15/14 suguchan

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