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Here we shall do research related to different areas of Vedic Astrology. This will help us learn more about life by sharing experiences with each other.
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request for help and guidance please. god bless.
03/14/15 vinay 3 replies
When will she conceive ?
02/26/15 saras 3 replies
career and marriage advice needed .. hv been feeling irritated lately I definitely need help
02/25/15 tulika
Court Matter update/theft
02/17/15 sg
01/26/15 PRANAB
Please provide insight for up coming dasa Ravi.......
01/14/15 Sanjay
Would planetary combinations for love also predict marital longevity
11/28/14 Anvesaka
Need career guidance
11/06/14 Ashish
Sade Sati.. a life changer and very painful experience so far
10/29/14 sunny 3 replies

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