Gay Redneck Dudes

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Fer years I been searching the Internet for other folk like my parnter and myself just to know who is out there. Trust me I know there are alot of you fellas out there. One types in the word "Redneck" and you come up with sites and sites ad nauseam in regards to Redneck jokes... Yawn!!!. What gay rednecks forum/sites I have come across was not what I hoped and are lame. What do I mean by "Gay Rednecks"? just like our hetero counterparts only difference is we are gay. We like to do all the macho, masculine , roughneck things. We don't mind gettin dirty, goin huntin, watchin NASCAR, PBR, goin to a rodeo and listening to country music. Macho dudes, Cowboys, truckers, farmers, ranchers, construction workers, blue collar, good ole boys to name a few, ya'll fit under that "Redneck" title. It's just ya just happen to dig other dudes is all.
It's hard for many of ya to meet up due to our locations and many are private in regards to thier sexuality for purposes well known to each individual. Those of us that are "Out" we don't really get into the bar/club scene so that really narrows the likelihood of meetin like minded folk.
So if yer idea of a good time with another dude is kickin back on the porch or driving the truck out in the country, dropping the tailgate and having a few beers then yer in the right place. The idea of a dude just being a dude belching, farting,sptting chaw doesn't gross you out your welcome here.
This will be a place for a us like minded redneck dudes to have a do what we do best which is shootin the shit. Here it's okay to talk bout that dude that makes you hot you saw at the hardware store or construction site. You can talk bout yer partner here safely and not have to lie or make other references bout him in tryin to doge the issue of folk knowin bout ya. RSS Feed what is XML?

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