mushrooms & breastfeeding?

topic posted Sun, July 23, 2006 - 12:37 PM by  John
I have a friend who asked me the other day whether it is safe to eat mushrooms if she is still breastfeeding. Anyone know the answer to this question? Thanks
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    Sun, July 23, 2006 - 10:09 PM
    I think common sense in every way would suggest DON'T DO IT!

    I think the sacrifice of not putting anything risky into your body during the relatively short period of time most mothers breastfeed is more than worth it.
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    Mon, July 24, 2006 - 4:14 AM
    I have doubts that the drug would get the infant high, but I would consider it an innappropriate thing to do anyway. If it did get to the baby's system then it would be like dosing an unsuspecting individual that has complete trust in the mother. Not good. The bonds being developed by breast feeding an infant are going to affect the mental, and physical health of that child. The betrayal of trust alone will damage the bond of the mother and child even if nothing happened. Anyone who is experienced with mushrooms is likely to be aware that people are connected on a spiritual level, and the child will be affected by such actions even if it was unaware. The child will subconciously pick up on the betrayal of trust, and it will not be good for the bond of mother and child. Studies have shown that breast feeding is very beneficial to children. They have better lives when the are breastfed. Breastfeeding is in my opinion critical to the health and wellbeing of humans. It is unfortunately not common for American mothers to breastfeed for an optimal length of time.

    Her baby is depending on her to be a good mother, and it's very sad when mothers are so selfish that they do not properly care for there children. Some people attribute criminal behavior to be linked to childhood issues, so if she feels it neccessary to betray the childs trust, then she should not be surpprised when the kid grows up to have serious problems simply based on the subconcious perception of the mothers betrayal of trust.


    Allan Greenblazer
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      Mon, July 24, 2006 - 8:57 AM
      I appreciated your answers, but I feel you're making a whole lot of assumptions about someone you don't know. the whole reason in making this post was to receive information about the safety of journying with mushrooms while breastfeeding, BEFORE engaging in the act. I was looking for information such as the half life of this substance in one's system, perhaps any reasearch or studies on the subject. e.g. can one pump out a few days breast milk prior to journying, use the preciously pumped milkl until the mushrooms are out of one's system, not breastfeed during that period of time it could be passed on in the breast milk, and how many days one would have to do this, etc.
      Wondering if perhaps there are any female members with first hand experience or perhaps an M.D. or reasearcher who knows any of this information regarding these questions.
      Yes, Alan I agree with what you have said about trust and the impact of such things on the ultimate development of a child into an adult. Having spent many years as a therapist with really ill people, I've seen first hand the ugliness that occurs when people are not cared for as infants and youths. This is not the case in this situation.
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        Thu, July 27, 2006 - 3:37 AM
        I was only giving an opinion. I not an expert or an MD, I would think that a medical doctor would likely have a more negative view. I was not talking about your friend in particular, just generalizing about our societal norms of short term breast feeding. I personally believe that most women in our society do not breast feed their babies nearly long enough. Many women in our society do not even breast feed their babies at all. The reason that I've personally heard for not breast feeding is their babies is "It's too uncomfortable". This excuse was something that I had heard recently, and I found it to be a really sad thing to hear. I know that not all mothers are this selfish, but I think this kind of thing is too common, and I don't think that is good for the health of our society. Please don't think that I'm bagging on your friend or women in general, I just believe that breast feeding is critically important to childhood development, and in our consumer society it's just too acceptable to go buy formula in liew of breast feeding. This is only my opinion, and you are free to have your own.

        Allan Greenblazer

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