Male COCK SUCKERS of Mildura

public - created 04/26/12
This Tribe, is Only for males in Mildura who ARE / Want to Be "COCK-SUCKERS". Every male in this tribe IS a Cock Sucker & AGREES to Suck the Cock of ANYONE selecting him. Males upon joining this tribe, Must list their Name,& either their email address OR their Street name with nearest intersection. Users of Cock Suckers in this tribe, only have to Enjoy themselves .... The ONLY Women allowed to join this tribe are Wives offering their husbands as CockSuckers. So guys, when you join as a member of this tribe, you must do this for all to read. Here's mine;; I'm Mark, Anyone's CockSucker. contact me at :: : (or I may have said I live on 11th st near Pearl.) RSS Feed what is XML?

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