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Please read the Description/Introduction of this Tribe in its' entirety to prevent any misunderstandings:

This Tribe is for men who want to use other men as their Sex Slaves, & for men who are willing to Be the Sex Slaves of other men. RULES:: Any man joining first says what he Will Be Sex Slave or User. you can;t be both. ... Users can pick anyone registered as a Sex Slave & order them to serve them ANY WAY THEY WANT! NO LIMITS! .. Sex Slaves do NOT have the right to refuse ANY Male USER regardless of age looks etc. A Sex Slave never has the right to refuse any sexual or subserviant activity demanded of them!.. Sex Slave Users May DO ANYTHING They Want with any male Sex Slave. ... "ANYTHING!" (but only within ones own area/region.) .. To Start things,, I will Register Myself as the First Male Sex Slave for Men. .. I do hope others follow. (Please note that these Original Tribe Rules are those of the Founder who is no longer Active here, a New Moderator has since been selected to organize this Tribe who is definitely not a slave.)

Please Note there is a 0 Tolerance of Spam in this Tribe, all Spam will be deleted as soon as it is identified, Members that continue to Spam after a Warning to cease spamming activity will be removed from the Membership roles of this Tribe.

Also please maintain an Active Profile including an Icon or photo demonstrating your Active participation and involvement in Tribe as well as make some Friends. Blank or incomplete profiles will be removed from Tribe membership. RSS Feed what is XML?

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