My life as a male wife

topic posted Thu, June 21, 2012 - 11:21 PM by  Sissie
I have been a wife for many years. It started slowly and she soon had full control over me. She wanted me as her wife from the beginning and I was not aware of it but she was masterful in changing me from a man into her wife. I dress fully feminine as she says a wife must do. She chooses my clothes though at times I am given a choice between items that she has picked out. In the early days this was used to subjugate me to her. For example, she would pick out two panty bra sets and then ask me to choose one of them. I would and then she would ask me why I choose that set. After telling her she would then tell her friends, relatives etc that I choose them and why I said I choose them. This had a strong effect on my mind as they would look at me and smile and ask if it were true. Of course it was but not exactly as it was seen.

Today I am very accustomed to wearing only feminine clothes and performing all of the domestic duties. She thinks for me which may seem odd and it even does when I say it but it’s true. All she need do is to tell me I like something that I thought I did not like and I will instantly like it or I will dislike something I thought I liked if she tells me I don’t like it. I am not sure how this works but it does and I always feel the way she tells me I feel.

I live to please her and make her life better and happier. It is what makes me happy now and when I see her smile or comment on something I have done in a positive manor it is all the reward I want or need. I had no idea that being wife to a strong, intelligent woman could be so satisfying. I have no male thoughts or needs and enjoy being feminized and learning to do as she desires. I am so proud of what she has helped me to become and know that it has made our marriage just perfect.
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    Sat, July 21, 2012 - 11:15 AM
    Hi Sissie! I am so HAPPY for you and your Wife. as a Writer of a Blog on Male Feminization and Gender Role Reversal it is always a Delight to correspond with more males that have been Feminized! Female Empowerment is Growing as is Male Femininity. I Hope that you and i could correspond. I would lOVE for you and your wife to check out my Blog and tell me what you think!

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    Wed, November 21, 2012 - 7:45 AM
    You are so lucky, I had an owner who started feminizing me as her "lesbian" (no personal male pleasure) wife, regretably we broke up (over other issues), I'm desperate to find a new owner.

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