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PDX men over 18yo are invited to join. This tribe is for all men interested in shearing their bodies with all types of men no matter their color, ethnicity, weight or age. You just need to leave all your prejudice out of this tribe and enjoy free open and passionate M on M sex RSS Feed what is XML?

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Woods twins at both ends  photo flag
Thanks for the invitation  photo flag
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Leave some for me  photo flag
All for me  photo flag
Just what we need  photo flag
Free as birds  photo flag
Flexibility Practice  photo flag
Locker Room Relaxation  photo flag
Loosening Up Before the Game  photo flag
The Captain Bonding with Team Members  photo flag
The Party Is All Male  photo flag
seek love  topic
nude gay new  topic
nude gay meet  topic
I love men  topic
Dang the latins are a strange breed  topic
Seduction  topic
younger women looking for older men  topic
Seduction  topic

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