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I love the smell of my armpits. I never wear deoderant...maybe comes from living many years in France. I aklso love the smells that get worked up between my legs. I am a hardworking guy and even though I shower every day, I still come up with some interesting and erotic body odor.
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  • tim, sounds yummy!! I would love to try your man/pits... I love the smell of the crotch to when it gets all worked up. I just cannot get enough. I do have a manly odor to, and love to taste it. I long for the next man who doesn't wear deoderant!!!
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      By the way B.W. I checked out your pictures again...I find you to be a very attractive man...just enough body fat which I really like and, a very good amount of body hair. Thanks for putting those pictures up!
      • Thank you tim. I just long for the day to be with a man again. I've been somewhat in the closet for now. I'll be taking a ride to Milwaukee one day and go to the Boot Camp bar and p/u a bear and do what i can and what he will let me do. Everything open to suggestion...
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    same here guys. no deodorant here either. love the smell my pits have. love the smells in my legs and ass crack too. i go running and work out and still don't shower. can't get enough.
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      Well ephraim, for the record, I wouldn't mind sniffing around at your dirty ass crack either. The dirtier the better. ;)
      • I showered this morning, but the AC's out in the car. Hot and sunny all day. My pits and crotch are rank as hell. I keep pressing my fingers into my pits, bringin' 'em to my nose and takin' a wiff. Then I play with my cock and freshly-shaved balls and smell them too. I'm fixing some plaster in my office, been at it since I got home. I'm patching a hole in the ceiling and every time I raise my arm I get some good-stinkin' aroma drifting up at my nose. I'm extra scruffy; haven't shaved since last Friday. And my red goatee's like a bird's nest--needs trimmed bad. Think I'm gonna spend a couple hours tonight, rubbin' one out. Bet I'll stink bad in the morning before my shower.
        • I love a man with a great odor... The taste is unique and sounds bad, but very erotic. I get turned on by my own body stink too. Seem like I cannot get enough of my own scent.
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          I never use deoderant and I do a lot of physical labor. I am always rubbing my hand in my armpits and sniffing my hand. I love to get a full load of my crotch odor as well by stroking my scrotum and so forth and and then I smell that. I have noticed that when I am masturbating for long periods of time, the armpit odor gets incredibly strong and smells so good!
          • sounds like the good 'ol days. Me and my buddies in Sacramento used to have many way sex and never used deoderant and I got so turned on by my friends lover, his man stink was so powerful, you just wanted to lick every part of his pits and crotch area. I miss everyone. The group was Vans and I would like nothing more than to have everyone contact me again...
            • One of my first play mates always had ripe pits and a great ball/dick scent. Got to like it early in life and still do. Nothing better than lifting a buddies arm over his head and getting a great whiff of manstink...Feel the same about dick heads, balls, and yeah ass. Keep em ripe men.
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          Nice, love to get a cigar going and add that aroma to the mix. Lick each other all over and leave that cigar-spit to make things even more interesting
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        what about farts? I love to fart and my current partner isnt into them. I love to smell my own and understand him not wanting to smell mine. However, Its not that I always wish to smell others as much as I love to hear them. I love to be pissing beside a hot guy at work and he lets out a nice long fart. He then realizing I'm in the stall, gets embarrassed however there are some bucks at work...with those big muscle asses, I just want to burry my nose in and say let them loose on my me.
  • What is it about the odor of the mail body especially a sweaty body that has been working in the hot sun. I was always in heaven when in my high school locker room. I still often fantasize about those days while jerking.

    As gross as this may sound to some people I must admit that my own body gets me hard with just a whiff. Ahhhh the wonders of your own body odor. I love the smell of my own crotch, ass and armpits and I get so intoxicated when I smell myself, hence the instant hard on. I walk a few miles each morning for excercise, as I start to sweat, I like to rub my fingers all around my hole and then sniff and lick them, I also rub my crotch between my balls then sniff and lick my fingers. I do this all along my desert walk as long as I am not visible to the street or houses in the neighborhood. I can't help but hope some young hung boy might notice and want to follow me out into the desert brush for a hot and sweaty session.
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      just to let you all know, B.W. and I are the same person. I couldn't remember my old password, so I had to create a new identity. One thing has changed though. I'm completely divorced and I can enjoy men without batting an eye. Man stink. even now, I keep fisting my pit and smelling the aroma of "MAN"!!! I'd like to fine someone around here that has the same fetish!!!
  • Manstink is what I crave, and I thank the universe that my own intoxicate me too. Pits, anus, feet, toes and ripe crotch -- high school locker room stench memories revisited. When I'm with a guy, my nose immediately seeks out the best smells, and then hangs there as I jerk my meat to his hot stink. If his ass smells good, I rub my face and beard into it before sticking my cock into it, and then let him smell it on my face as I kiss him during our sweaty, smelly fuck. If his feet are healthy and ripe, I'll have my nose between his toes as I plow his stinkhole. I like to take turns squatting on each other's faces, with our ripe feet in close proximity so that the balls, ass ditch, feet and toes are all contributing to the male body odors in inhale and for the moment and from which I exist.
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      I had a fuck buddy that I would meet at the gym, we wouldnt shower but go straight to his place after working out. I love he sweaty pits and ass crack, the aroma would fill the room. I loved sniffing and sucking his toes when I was topping him, we were both in our 20's our scent so different then.
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    Hey no deodorant here either, I have always loved the smell of locker rooms, that sweaty and musky smell. Started smelling my brothers underwear at a young age, then in college I couldn't wait for my straight sexy roommate to head out for the day so i could sniff his dirty underwear and jack off. Not that you need to be gay to enjoy natural manstink, I think many guys straight or gay enjoy their own smell. I have caught straight guys sniffing themselves before. You know when you are taking a piss and run your finger under your nut sac for a good scratch, you bring your fingers to your nose for a good whiff. I often scratch my sac, ass hole, and armpits while in the bathroom stall at work,,,get a good whiff of myself before heading back to work. :)
  • Shame there seem to be no local aussies that share your mindset! When guys try to hook up with Online, I tell them Im turn on by B.O and they should not feel shame if they stink and havent had time to shower. If it were possible I would always START a session with a guy that has B.O. The smell of his armpits,crotch,butt crack is better when it doesnt smell or taste like deoderant,cologne,soap or talc or he just stepped out of the shower. B.O. does more for me than poppers do! The combination of B.O. and poppers turns me into a filthy raunch pig....hehe I dont need pnp to play dirty!

    When you be honest with locals and even tell them, its a FETISH of mine and Im more than happy to take a shower to start play with respecting it's not your thing. They take your honesty to mean if this guy plays dirty he must live dirty and knows nothing about personal hygiene! Which I find strange, some start clean,get sweaty and funky,ass for piss or scat play but need to smell soap/deoderant to start having sex as if they were having sex with a woman.
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    I'm uncut with a long foreskin that covers the glans completely even when erect. I find that if I cum and leave the residue inside the foreskin, the next day it smells really rank!

    Just need a good pig to lick it clean for me.
    • Gee Treb,
      I'm the pig you're looking for! Love rank, randy, wet foreskins...whether its smeg, piss, cum or all three, nothing gets this pig as HARD!!

      Now, if I can just get myself to Raleigh....

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