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My wife tells me that the best moment of sex for her (not including the orgasm) is when the man actually begins to enter her while she is on her back. She says that the feeling of the penis slowly stretching the lips of the vagina is very stimulating and feels wonderful. If the man goes slow enough she can almost reach (but not quit) reach an orgasm. She especially gets excited when we meet a new man and he enters her for the first time. I guess the feeling of a new penis slowly entering her and stretching the lips, as well as the excitement of first time sex with a new man is what does it for her.

Do any other women have the same feeling? How do you feel about first time sex?
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  • I have to say that I, too have noticed this. It's that point of insertion that usually sets the mood for the sex. I enjoy watching the expression and the moans and the signs of near orgasmic pleasure of my female partners just as I enter. I also like observing it when a woman is being introduced to another man not commonly hers. There's that bit of surprise and wonder. It's quite the turn on, actually.
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    my wife loves the feeling of a bare cock head rubbing her slit. She loves a good teasing cock rub over her pussy, back and forth and slightly dipping in about an inch, teasing her entrance. She loves the feeling of his cock sliding over the length of her gash and over her clit, eventually forcing its way inside, yes she would agree it is a lovely feeling.
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    For me, one of the most erotic parts of sex is watching her face when a new lover enters her for the first time and seeing that moment when he is finally all the way in...
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      CORRECTION: Seeing the look on her face at the moment of entry and the look on her face when he finally gets all the way in... especially if he is bigger than me and is hitting her in places I can't reach....
      • Mmmm, well I would love to watch her face - and her body - as they reach the peak of pleasure and he cums inside her! (OK, this is a fantasy, ignore the fact that a condom would probably be involved...)
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          Well, since condoms are always involved, you are right...

          but that is the second hottest moment, watching her shudder as he brings her to climax, and the third is watching her as he cums deep inside her... (Got to see this a few times when we first started playing. In the begining we were young, stupid, and 'invulnerable'. It wasn't till we had a scare that we started requiring condoms all the time.)

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