If you could affect National cannabis policy, would you? You can NOW!

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Dear Medical marijuana supporters,

Thousands of people, representing all 50 states and every corner of the country, have volunteered to take part in Obama's grassroots healthcare reform effort. The response has been truly inspiring.

As medical marijuana patients and supporters we have an unprecedented opportunity to tell Obama’s transition team how medical marijuana is a part of our healthcare and should be considered as part of healthcare reform for preventative and treatment measures.

Obama’s transition team has asked for people to host neighborhood meetings about healthcare reform before December 31, 2009. We realize the timing is pretty tough for most people, so as an alternative, we are asking supporters to meet up with just one or two other (more if possible) supporters to fill out Participant Guides and report back to Obama. You can download the Participant Guide by visiting

If you’re interested in trying to host an event before December 31, 2008 you can down load this moderator’s guide:

The Participant Guide have everything you need to make your discussion a great success -- including key statistics and information that will stimulate the conversation and tips to make the discussion as productive as possible.

Participating in a discussion is the first step. But even more importantly, we need to submit our feedback to the Obama team. These will be read by a Transition team member and gives us another chance to show Obama our medical cannabis concerns are related to his national concerns.

After your discussion is over, please tell them how it went by visiting

Both President-elect Obama and the transition team are committed to reforming the health care system from the grassroots up -- and medical marijuana leaders like you are crucial allies in that effort.

We are looking forward to making medical cannabis reform on a national level. Read below for an agenda and additional ways to contact Obama’s team about your medical marijuana experience and hopes. Remember the deadline is December 31, 2008. Make sure you submit your forms before the deadline. We don’t want the stereotypes of cannabis users to negatively impact the way Obama’s Transition team perceives us.

We know it is the holiday season and your have plenty of plans with friends and family. We fully acknowledge that your time is precious and want to offer our greatest gratitude for your participation in letting Obama know that there are medical marijuana issues that deserve to be recognized by the federal government.

Medical Marijuana Health Care Community Discussion:

1. Introduce yourself to Obama and his transition team by sharing your story about medical cannabis.

2. Share your vision of medical marijuana in America with the Transition team.

3. Leave a comment for Obama about any medical cannabis service organization that you are a part of that has made a difference in the community. (MPP, ASA, NORML, SSDP, etc)

4. Please create a profile add a medical marijuana avatar, and Leave a general comment about the need for national reform for cannabis in the section Obama has opened. When writing please type out the words “marijuana” and “cannabis” because there is a chance Obama is monitoring word usage on the site. Abbreviations like “mmj” will not register in any meaningful way.

5. Answer any of the Discussion Questions you want on the Participant Guide. Question #7 allows you to address current harmful public policy and their interferes with health lifestyles and community health.

6. Fill out Participant Survey

7. Draft a Group Submission for Transition Health Policy Team.

8. Consider hosting or participating in a medical marijuana community service event. (i.e. MS wheelchair wash, Cancer outreach, AIDS volunteering, Anorexia support, Arthritis help, etc) .

9. Thank You
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