Hash Chai Latte Recipie for 2 or 3 stoners:)

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First, lets start off by talking about hash a little bit. I don't give a damn what the name is of any hash, it's all about the way it's made. If you have a quality process of hash making then your hash will deliver but if not, you can use the best weed in the world and come out with crap hash so don't believe the hype. Find some really good hash. Youll have to search a bit but find the best. If you find good/decent, then that will work too. Youll probably want to spend anywhere from 20 to 30 bucks a gram. Don't even think about paying over that because if you are, your getting ripped off. Don't use that Full Melt crap either, garbage and a rip off. Use the old fashioned black sticky hash that usually comes in a ball.

Second, if you are not a die hard stoner this will definitely tear up your mind because I have never gotten more stoned then when drinking hash lattes. I'm sayin the paranoia will eat you alive if your even the least little bit weak minded. Also, if your not die hard, youll probably waste alot of money because these have a tendency to knock anyone the fuck out. And last but not least, WARNING: do not do this while at work (even though I have), driving, going to your moms for dinner, going out on a date, etc. because youll be heavenly for 8 FULL hours if you can stay awake.

Third, lets make it.

What youll need:
scales (digital)
Hash (1 gram)
soy creamer usually found at health food stores for coffee.
soy milk will work but not great, you need alot of fat for the hash to dissolve
(half and half for milk drinkers)
Chai Tea
sharp knife
very small pot (the cooking kind and non-stick if possible)

Take the gram of hash chop it up as finely as possible. weigh out piles of .3 grams for each person or .5 if you wanna start trippin (I'm dead serious about the trippn too)

at low heat, heat up the soy creamer, then dump in the hash.

gently bring the heat up but don't let it boil.

be sure that none of the hash gets stuck to your spoon or sides of the pot

stir constantly and do not let it boil, too much heat destroys thc

youll be able to see the hash dissolving. it probably wont dissolve totally but that's ok.

once the hash is dissolved as much as possible, remove from heat.

pour in lquid chai or put in chai tea bag.

stir and enjoy. be sure to dink all the little hash crumbs and lick your cup

if you don't like chai use hot chocolate, if you don't like chocolate , then use whatever the hell you want.

please try and post your responses

have a good time!!!!!!!
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