Do you eat your own cum?

topic posted Sun, December 4, 2011 - 1:12 PM by  Tom
I posted that I like to masturbate in the car while driving. When I do cum, I catch it it my hand and lick my hand clean. I have read that a lot of guys have trouble eating thier own cum. I can tell you after the first time it really is a pleasure. Does anyone else like to eat thier own cum? It is also handy (no pun intended) when jerking off at the computer like I am doing right now.
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    i mostly eat my own cum... love to lick my precum from my fingers while i masturbate and when i cum its usually into my hands which i lick and eat ..... i too masturbate while driving in a car and cum into my hands and i also eat the cum as well
    • I haven't masturbated in my car for many years. When I did I always chickened out, I don't know why. When I was a teenager I had a suck
      buddy, I always ate his cum. this morning I tried my own cum for the first time, just a little but I liked it. Now whenever I masturbate, I will
      be eating all of my cum.
  • Yes, I have eaten my own cum several times. I usually do it by using a bit of acrobatics: I lay on my back and hoist my legs straight up into the air. I brace myself with one hand on the floor. This positions my cock right over my face, and allows me to masturbate and shoot the cum straight into my mouth.
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    Hi Tom!
    Started eating mine when I first started shooting, about 11years old I guess.
    Small beads of cum oozed out of my cock when I came; I tasted it and liked it.
    Have been eating and enjoying my cum ever since.
    I like to shoot into a small martini glass and sip it like a fine wine. I also enjoy shooting into and onto my food. I love it! What can I say?
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    Oh, hell yeah! I'll masturbate just about anywhere, lick the pre-cum from my fingers as I'm going along and, when I cum, I'll catch it in my hand and then lick my hand clean. I don't want to waste a single drop. You miss a lot of good nutrition if you don't eat it. Cum is primarily pure protein. When you first eat it, it tastes a little funny but, you get used to it and soon, you'll be eating your cum on a regular basis. It tastes pretty good to me!!!!
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    I love to taste my pre-cum, I keep my self on edge for hours so it keeps leaking out and I can get a good finger full to lap up. I also love to eat my own cum, especially if from my wifes pussy after I have fucked her. sometimes I just eat it from my hand after a wank, orcum into a small glass of orange juice, and drink it as a cocktail, yummy.
  • Sometimes when I jerk off by myself, mmm tastes yummy ,or when the wife and I have sex I sometimes after I cum inside her I like to eat her pussy and suck her and my juices, tastes great.
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    I eat a vegetarian diet and my cum is perfectly creamy and tastes great. I never used to eat it, other than occasional up-and-over squirts to the face. Unfortunately, I broke my neck and was mostly paralyzed. I've gained a lot back, it took me three years to see cum again. When I can get old faithful to blow, I eagerly eat it up out of thankfulness. Why waste a drop, plus it's very nutritional for you.
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    I love eating my own cum. My husband and I have a no jerking off with out the other person beside you rule. Well he don't like to jack off a lot and I do. I jack off atleast 4 times a day, on my way home from work, going to work, hiding in the bathroom, outside. Because I can't get caught I eat my cum everyday,
  • Love to eat own cum... 1st time by accident, jacking, missed towel and got in my mouth... I kinda liked it... now I love to lay so I can give self facial and shoot in my own mouth... really hot and love the taste now...
    • here's the deal... a few years ago a girl kissed me with my cum still in her mouth. I was surprised at first but just swallowed it immediately... She went wild and said it was extremely hot. Since that night it made me want to swallow it all. I tried and tried but after jerking off I would lose the urge. SOLUTION: Slowly edge yourself until you are about to cum and stop stroking. If you do it right cum will undoubtedly shoot out... catch it in your had and swallow it. You'll still be super horny because you didn't really climax yet but got the goods already. Do it again and take another load. You'll be fine after a few times. Now I just jerk off in my hand and swallow it. So much easier than a towel. Good luck.
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    Ever since I could start masturbating I've had a strong cum eating fetish. I don't know why, but I do. The problem has always been once I cum I lose the urge to swallow. So after years and years of practice, I now edge. Basically I can cum without having a full on orgasm. As long as I stay horny and I can lick it all up. Yes, it's an inquired taste and sometime its sweet and sometime not so. I like it when it's nice, thick, warm and gooey. I made this nice plastic board to catch my seed while watching porn so I can easily lick it up. I don't always swallow my cum, but it's hot when I do. I would really encourage any guys that has the same fetish to try it.
    • I agree with with you Jim... I also would encourage anyone thinking about it to just go ahead and try it.. it can be an amazing experience!!!
      I started tasting my own cum a few years ago and have never looked back, it becomes an iresistable urge that i simply cant deny myself now.
      I would love to chat with others with the same fetish as me if anyone is interested..?
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        It took me many years of wanting before I did. Edging was the only way I able to start. Now it is quite easy if I want a shot.
        I love my pre cum..

        The best for me is when I am on a long road trip. I pull my stuff out and stroke for hours, licking every bit of pre
        cum I can. I think it helps to know that a passing driver could see me.
        Cum mixed with food or drink is also a treat.
  • Yes I do, almost every time. I took me a few years to get there but the key was once I finally shot into my own mouth and didn't spit it out I began to realize how hot it was. I eat some fruit every day and am not a huge meat eater (small portions) and I find that my cum is actually tasty. At the very worst it is bland. The forbidden fruit aspect is what makes it so hot and even though I am 60 years old I still get a second hard on when I consume my product. Good luck all, I guarantee you will enjoy the experience.
  • I eat my own cum now and then and love it. The only problem is that I have to do it immediately after cumming or I quickly lose the desire and then don't. I fantasize and have dreams about being able to suck myself off. I've actually watched 3 different guys do it live on camera on Paltalk a few years ago. One black guy's cock was so fucking long, he could suck at least 4 inches of it. I was so jealous. But even more than eating my own cum is when I get the chance to eat other guys' cum out of a girl I worked with. The first time I realized I was tasting cum while eating her one morning, and realizing it wasn't mine and it had to be some guy she spent the night with, I about puked. I didn't say anytihng for fearing I'd lose her. When she thought I hadn't noticed, it started happening all the time. I got to the point I liked it and was turned on by it. I confronted her one morning while still eating her. I asked who's cum I was tasting and she denied it. I kept eating and convinced her I liked it. I got her to tell me in detail about the guy she fucked. It became a game for us and she would get other guys to cum in her just before I'd go to her apartment. Sometimes I'd be waiting down the street for them to leave. She'd be laying in bed on her back with her legs up when I got there, holdiing it inside. She roll over onto my face and let it run out while telling me about sucking and fucking his cock. There were at least 17 different guys. She admitted to 17 but I know there were lots more.. If you look at my photos, that's her !! email me sam161us (at) gmail (dot) com
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      Hot story! Still with her? I'm definitely not gay but I've done this with a few women, it's a different taste when it's been in a hot pussy. I love it and get rock hard just remembering the times I've done it and fantasizing about it. After I told them I could taste some other guy in them, they'd tell me about it while I slammed their wet cunts then I'd explode so mu h in them but I've always been too spent, except once recently, to slide down and lick up the stirred up cum I just pumped into them.
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    Man I love it when it is real salty, thick, really, I love mine but i love swollowing other cum that taste bitter, burns in the back of the throat and lots and lots of it.
  • i fucking love to suck up every drop .. i squirt my mirror and lick it clean .. i drain assholes and cunts for every drop .. i am multi org and can cum like 20 times in one fucking .. love how much i produce considering i weigh 94 pounds .. Karlie♥
  • I have just started eating my own cum, had tried a drop here and there but the other morning I shot my load in my hand and licked all of it.
    It was very salty and wondered why my precum doesn't taste that way. Later in the day I masturbated again and ate my cum, this time it
    wasn't salty at all, it had a very pleasant flavor. I have been reading what will make my cum sweet so I have been drinking and eating
    fruits. I think it is time for a cum tasting test.
  • Yes! Drink as his and someone else's sperm not only delicious but also good for your health
    Drink as his and someone else's sperm - a tasty and interesting! For one thing it is good for health (is proven)

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