Have you ever masturbated in front of someone else?

topic posted Sat, October 31, 2009 - 8:58 AM by  fred
My older brother showed me how to masturbate when I was much younger. I masturbated in front of my ex-wife several times. In fact, we did it together. These are very fond memories. How about you? Ever done it in front of someone else?
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    My GF and I attend and host a lot of sex parties. It is not uncommon for anyone there to be stroking their cocks to shoot a load of cum in some gals mouth or over her tits or to have some gal working herself to squirt into a guys mouth or over his face. I enjoy masturbation as much as sex, and am fortunate to have a GF and her 3 daughters (all of whom I have bred) live with me and they are constantly sucking, fucking or jerking off my cock. I work at home, so I am usually in the nude, and the girls also seldom get dressed so getting hold of my cock is easy for me and them. I will admit that I enjoy having them watch me stroke my cock and shoot my load, as I also enjoy watching them stroke their cunts and pull their clits and orgasm with all watching .
  • yes. soo hot. did it in front of my brother once when we were teens, it shocked the hell out of him but he watched me til I came! on cam. in the woods on a hike, and i pretended i didn't realize anyone could see me, but a couple had walked by on the trail about 10 yards from where I had stepped off to pee. outdoors has always made me horny, used to like to go into the woods and strip naked and jerk off when I was a kid. so i got a boner peeing. so hey, don't waste a boner! so I was jerking , let my pants and tighty whities drop to the ground, and standing there absolutely loving the moment, and i heard them coming up the trail. I just kept watching my cock and balls, and stroked like crazy! they saw me and stopped. they backed up a few yards and stood there and watched me, thinking I was oblivious to their presence.

    then I took off my shirt, and started fingering my ass with one finger while stroking and using my tons of precum to jerk with the other hand.

    when I finally blew my load i moanded and threw my head back. i took a peak with my head back and they were standing they with hands down each others pants, going at it too :) it was soo fucking hot. I licked up all the cum i had blown all over my cock and tummy and hand and balls. then pulled up my pants tied my shirt around my waste and walked back to the trail and walked away, never looking back at them. I always wished I had circled back and watched them, cause I'm pretty sure they ended up getting naked and fucking like rabbits right there! It was hot knowing that i had turned them on.
    • I love jerking off in the woods, and in the winter shooting your manhood onto snow, how yellow your cum really is on pure snow. I jerk off in front of my wife, have for girlfriends, and jerked off for and together with a man, (also sucked his meat and fucked his tight hole but that is a story for another day).
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    I was getting ready to leave for a road trip to Vegas. I wanted to leave early in the morning so I can get there at a decent time. I climb out of the shower at about 6am and i am drying myself off when I hear the front door open. I am single at this time so I was living alone. I peek out the bathroom and see that it is my friend D who I asked to take care of the cats for me. I guess she misunderstood what day I was leaving. so there i was naked with D standing there watching me. I didn't care what she saw and i went to the bedroom to get dressed and she followed me. well I figures she liked what she is seeing so i got on the bed and started to jack off. "care to join me? i asked. she said no, but i went ahead and continued anyway. When I shot my load she just smiled and said "my husband never lets me watch him". I cleaned up, got dressed and gave her a kiss on the cheek thanking her for taking care of the cats (and for letting me jack off for her) and then left for Vegas.
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    When I was in my late teens, my female cousin and my sister used to make a game out of getting me to masturbate in front of them. I'm sure they knew that I, too, was looking for any pretext to do so, since I have a strong exhibitionist streak and really enjoyed masturbating for them. We all sort of considered it performance art and tittilation, not overtly sexual. We also knew none of us would tell anyone else about our game.

    My cousin lived on a farm and knew all about sex from observing the livestock. She would find an out-of-the-way location in an outbuilding and challenge me to a distance, accuracy, or quantity (but never speed!) event, offering a prize if I performed well, taking it back if I didn't. It was always stipulated that I must be completely naked so I could not gain any "hidden advantage." They would find a close-in point from which to sit and observe, then tell me to start.

    Being young, I would already be as hard as a rock. Soon I would be stroking my cock, changing my technique, pace, and grip as they watched in rapt attention. I could tell from the expressions on their faces that they particularly enjoyed watching me rapidly shake my penis up-and-down from the base, sometimes causing pre-cum to fly out. Another favorite was when I would arch my back and thrust my pelvis forward toward them, spreading my legs just enough to give my balls room to really sway. They would usually give an approving laugh if I bounced my penis up-and-down by contracting my muscles. They loved seeing my penis from every angle and I accomodated them fully. They were also fascinated by the wrinkly skin of my scrotum.

    After a good, long buildup, I would start concentrating on completing the challenge. They knew that when I started breathing more deeply, speeding up, using shorter strokes, and paying more attention to the glans that the big finale was drawing near.

    For distance events, I would step to the starting line drawn in the dirt, spread my legs slightly, and tilt my pelvis forward to get my penis well over the line and at the correct elevation, squeezing under the base just so to develop more pressure when I came and, thus, more distance. Done perfectly, my cum would fly right past my audience and up to almost eight feet at the end of the stream.

    For accuracy events, there was a target of concentric circles, and I was to put as much of my load as near to or in the center circle as possible. I would stand at the outer circle facing the girls, legs apart, knees bent, aim high by leaning back, and estimate the angle at which I needed to try to stroke my penis. I did not need extra pressure since that would just be another variable to control and because the target was closer. The high trajectory kept my jizz in a close pattern since it would fall almost vertically on the target.

    For quantity, I held the clear container under me while bent over at forty-five degrees. I would point my penis directly down to get gravity working for me and to get a straight path into the container. I would know I was in the container when I could swing my cock and feel it hit on both sides. I always faced away from the girls so they could get a good, close look at the stream of jizz surging out of my throbbing cock..

    I always got encouragement from my audience, and could hear their gasps of approval over my moans of pleasure. Ah, bliss. Especially when there were three challenges in one day. The prize swapped back-and-forth over a couple of years, but that wasn't really the point, was it?
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    Tue, September 14, 2010 - 12:35 AM
    It's an amazing feeling indeed to perform! Started when I was a kid when I would whip it out and jack off in front of the neighborhood gang as a kind of discovery sex show. This was just the start of many exhibitions to friends, wives and even strangers.
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      There's a guy at the gym who likes to linger around the hot tub and the men showers. The other evening, we were in the hot tub at the same time and we stayed back and talked until closing time. I got out and he followed. He disappeared around the corner and I went to my changing area. After a few minutes he emerged at the other end of the room leaning on a wall just near enough where he could see me changing. I have been modest in the past, but this time, I removed my swim trunks and squeezed the water out and lingered with it long enough that he could take a full front gaze until he was satisfied. Then, I turned around and put a foot up on the bench and wiped myself dry with a towel, being thorough in my butt and balls. And leaned over to get to my ankles and feet, slowly. I then turned to the side where he could watch me jiggle the water off my cock and balls. Threw the towel over my shoulder and made like I was reaching far into the locker where my head was hidden by its door. And stood there a few moments before emerging. I slowly glanced up as I pulled my shirt over my head. He was grinning. I smiled back, and then he disappeared into the gym, satisfied, no doubt. We will meet again, as we seem to have the same gym schedule. Maybe I can watch him next time...
  • We masturbate in front of each other,
    we masturbate each other,
    we masturbate on each other,
    all the time.
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      Yes. I was sleeping over at a friends house on a hot summer night (I was about 17). We talked about girls and he told me about blow jobs he had gotten. He then asked if he could see my load, so I pulled out my cock and slowly jerked it for about 30 minutes. I was very turned on with him being right next to me watching and all the time talking about sex! When I cam I blew all over my chest which he then began to work around with his fingers. That ended that night. A few weeks later we did the same thing--I jerked while he watched except this time he helped by playing with my balls. It was very exciting to say the least. I jerked again for about 30 minutes and blew all over myself again. The last time we did this together was soon after this time and he after I started to jerk and play with my balls, he asked if I would like to feel what it is like to have my cock in someone's mouth. WOW! I couldn't believe he wanted to suck my cock! He slowly began to suck my cock. Man, what a rush--my first BJ and it was from my best friend! After a few minutes I moved so that I was kind of on top and was pumping my cock into his mouth. He hands were all over my ass and balls. We did this for what seemed to be an hour, but I'm sure it was more like 10 minutes. When I was ready to shoot, I told him so he could move but he sucked harder and pulled my load out of my cock! That was about the best experience I ever had, many years ago now but still exciting enough to make me hard just thinking obout it. Since then I have not been ashamed to show my cock off. Ususally, it pays off.
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    Yes i did! I really enjoy sunbath nude and showing myself naked and horny to other men, and when i know someone is watching me,i love showing myself masturbating to them, hoping they will get aroused, and suck them off or get fucked by them.
  • Yes. I'm married and have a married buddy that likes to meet up when I'm in his city. He mostly likes me to slowly get naked and then hang out and slowly play with myself until I'm hard and full on masturbating for him to watch. He keeps his clothes on. I was very self concious at first, but find it very hot.
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    sometimes I did, yes.
    But thats years ago.
    I myself would masturbate in front of some guys or women I never met before.
    But my phantasies go a bit farther than masturbating, I really would like to enjoy being watched doing everything naked and being fucked by someone.
    Masturbating while others are watching ... mmh ... I fear for a big lode of cum I should not masturbate for one or two days, but that's impossible - I need to masturbate at least twice a day. If the spectator does not care my amount of cum is small ... yea mmmmh ...
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    My girlfriend caught me on the bed, rubbing myself and beginning a masterbation session. She sat on the end of the bed and told me to go ahead. Shy and a bit embarrassed at first, I began and before long was into it big time.
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    I have masturbated in front of others in person, on private 1 to 1 cam, on open cam (on, and have posted videos of myself masturbation (full body and face on - it is such a great way to share your masturbation with other bators!
  • Yes Indeed!!! wife she loves it and on webcam by myself in private with at least 7 males watching and a once with a couple.It is so great on webcam because they can see you but you can't see them.Also quite a few times with my male cousin when we were teenagers.
    • I love masturbating while a woman watches me. I've done it a lot - in fact with more woman than I've had sex with. The first time was with one of my first girlfriends, and I swear it excited me more than having sex. I've even done it in front of a group of women, which was simply exhilarating, if a little awkward at the finish. I'm not a public masturbator or anything - all the woman I've done if for like it.
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    Yes, two male cousins who I used to jerk off with separately, my first wife and my current wife, numerous girl friends between marriages and my step-daughter.
    My step-daughter is an adult who enjoys masturbating. Once on the phone she told me that she enjoyed masturbation( I don't know how the topic came up, but she started it); while we were talking about it, I told her that I was stroking and she joined in. We had a great time, and have done it a few times since. We've never done it face to face, and don't discuss it. However, every few months she calls me and we enjoy ourselves over the phone. She lives in Hawaii, I live in West Virginia.
    Between marriages, I lived alone in a house. My neighbor's daughter, she was 12, used to peek through my window and watch me jerk off. When I discovered this, I made a point of jerking off every day after work in front of the window!
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    My gf at the time, engaged in forplay. She was kissing me around my unit. I moved my hand dowm and gently graced my cock with my hand. She saw this, then gently moved my hand back to my cock. I started stroking slowly at first then the eroticem took over. The most satisfying orgasm I have ever had. Still looking for that experience again.
  • Only online. But many many times online. Really enjoy jerking off with my webcam on, and having others watch me. Sometimes they have coached me, encouraged me, or made suggestions. Very erotic scooping up semen from my belly with a spoon and having anybody watch me.
  • Dan
    offline 5
    I love jerking my cock while im going down the road.I sometimes drive in just a t shirt, nothing else.Car after car goes by and you never know who's gonna see you.I adjust my seat so everyone can see my cock.I've jerked off in front of you name it .Makes me hard ti know anyone can see.
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    Yes I have! In front of about five men that I never met before, they came too, one pumping his load all over my hard cock and balls then i did the same to him. I've done it in front of over fifty women during mutual masturbation sessions. One wanted my thick cock inside her so bad that after I erupted all over her thighs she grabbed her vibe and gave her selfa juicy orgasm!
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    Yes i did masturbate in front of someone else...and i really enjoyed it every single time!!!
    First few time was for my older gay brother who was spying on me...tuned me on so much!(i was spying on him too!)
    Other times i was sunbathing nude in a park where other gay males or even women would come by, and enjoy the view.
    When i was seeing a male that was turned on, and who was turning me on, i was starting by touching and carressing myself to get his attention, and then i was starting to masturbate to arouse him, and then i was inviting him to help me, or to let me suck him off, or to even let him fuck me, while other males were watching, and waiting for their turn...i loved it so much!!!
    The best day was 5 males in row...sucked off and swallowed 4 of them, and got fucked by the 5th.
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    This seems to be a hot topic. Well, yes, many times. In the steam room at the bath house, love it when someone comes over to help. At home now I masturbate when my wife's hand gets tired. She flicks my nipple until I cum. I'm getting hard now thinking about it.
    • Yep, Just yesterday. My buddy & I got together to "help" each other out.
      He always sucks me first, then I do him.
      Don't know what as happening but he couldn't get me off with his mouth.
      We gave up on me and I sucked him off.
      Then we laid back on the bed while I did the deed using some of his cum
      that was still in my mouth. He rubbed my ball sack
      because he know I enjoy that and talked about all my precum pouring out.
      I blasted in about 2 minutes. He couldn't believe the amount of cum I shot out.
      Wiped it up with my cumrag, got dressed and headed to the (str8) corner bar.
      Fun sitting there, talking with all our friends,thinking what we were doing 20 minutes before.
  • YES - I was taught by an older neighbor. Who wanted to show me something that "felt good", and at age 11.5 my neighbor masturbated me until I had my first orgasm (dry), at 12 I began having wet orgasms and we had formed a small group of neighbor guys (all 12 or 13), and when I was 13 the group included a few neighbor girls too. Even my wife performs oral and then masturbates me at times (not as much as I want though).

    Paul in Miami, Florida USA
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    Yes! In front of ex-wife, as a young teenager in front of a buddy and at least a 100 times on webcam in front of guys, girls and couples. I love being aroused and hard in front of others. Makes for powerful cumshots!
    • I walk in on two Scot buddies jerking off. They showed me how but nothing happened that time. A couple days later, still trying, with them, it happened. WOW We Scots did it together in homes & camping trip for a couple years. Nothing public until I started going to adult theaters. Thats when I grow to the perv I am now. Watching , being watched & then helping each other. My Uncle walked in on my jerking. I think my Mom watched twice. several men at truck stops. I'd jerk at the urinal & they'd watch & usually join in. Now it's only in homes of other pervs like me in homes, mine or theirs.
  • My son caught me a few times,and would just sit on the bed next to me and watch me finish...but on afternoon,he came back from school,and having raised him a nudist,he undressed as usual,and asked me to show him some techniques...which I did,and he followed..practicing on himself as I watched him,and he watching me as I demonstrated...
    • Yes, very often...and we like this. Very often I Masturbate in Front of my Fathet and in Front of my Brother and after I am ready they started to Masturbate.....and if i visit a Bar or a sauna I masturbated in Front of other Visitors....I like this very much.
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    I was in my forties when I learned how being caught in the act added to the thrill og masturbation. Since then I go out of my way to find places where I can get naked, masturbate and be watched by others who enjoy it. Nude beaches, secluded parks, and adult theaters are among my favorite spots for attracting voyeurs. When I'm not out and about, I can be seen on Chatterbate where I often cum for a nice audience.

    I am always looking for new places to play so if you can suggest any, please don't hesitate to do so........

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