Different ways of breaking birthdate down

topic posted Sun, February 15, 2009 - 4:59 PM by  Desiree
Years ago I had a reading by a numerologist who didn't acknowledge master numbers. But what struck me was how she reduced my birthdate to a 2.

My birthday is 8-23-1978, and according to a book I have it says you derive your number by adding up all the single digits, then breaking it down. So by that method my birthday adds up to 38 which breaks down to 11.

But the numerologist I saw took the single digit break-down of each component of the birthday - month, then day, then year - before adding them together to get the number. So she added 8 + 5 [23] + 7 [1978], which adds up to 20, which would make my lifepath a 2 instead of 11.

Does anyone know if that's the right way?
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    Wed, January 27, 2010 - 2:53 PM
    one plus one IS two.

    nines always disappear when reducing by addition,
    "master numbers" is a recent development, like nukes,
    one caused by Dan "peaceful warrior" Millman, the other precipitated by the genius Einstein, who should have been a plumber.

    day number five is constant change seeking adventure
    month number eight is you get what's coming to you
    fate number two is you get it all, you lucky little extrovert, you!

    Angela is quite attractive.
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    Mon, March 15, 2010 - 12:12 PM
    Hey Desiree, Derek here and I just wanted to share my personal insights into how the life path is being calculated and why, in certain cases, there may appear to be some confusion about the life path number.

    My birthday is February 18, 1980. By adding the numbers straight across, I get 2+1+8+1+9+8 = 29/11. I've also seen a method whereby the number for day, month and year are reduced to a single digit. Doing it that way, I get 2+9+9 = 20/2. So, the question I was having very recently is which is my proper life path number, am I a 29/11 or a 20/2?

    In Dan Millman's book, the life you were born to live, he uses the method of adding the numbers straight across, so that makes me a 29/11 and you a 38/11. I also had this numerology chart that I got from a website called Decoz numerology, which describes my life path as a 20/2, as that particular site breaks the numbers down before adding them up. So, same for you, using that website, you would get an 8+5+7 = 20/2, ya?

    So, the question is, is my life path a 29/11 or a 20/2? Is your life path a 38/11 or a 20/2?

    Somehow, I've always felt like I've had a great deal of creative energy and not really sure how to release it and use it in beneficial ways, for myself and also for those around me. The 29/11 description just, you know................. "seemed" for me to make more sense than the 20/2 path, as described in Dan Millman's The Life You Were Born To Live.

    I was sitting at my computer one morning, quite recently, and I was holding the printout from Decoz Numerology (the 20/2 path) in my right hand and the 29/11 description that I had created for myself in my other hand. I guess I was trying to sort myself out, am I this or am I am that.... that's when I heard my inner guidance say, "Well, are you going to choose what they say you are or are you going to choose what you say you are?!?" That's when it clicked right away! I took the decoz numerology report and I tossed it in the garbage immediately! I confirmed for myself what I had felt, that my life path is the 29/11 path!

    When I went back to the Decoz numerology website, I realized what Mr. Hans Decoz is doing... he's disempowering people! He's disempowering people and guiding them away from their true path and away from their true spiritual gifts, that we've come here to share! Looking at Mr. Hanz Decoz, he claims to be a "master numerologist." Who gave him that ranking? Who put him in that position? He did! He's placed himself above everyone, in this "false" position of power! And that's not right! I sent them an email and I got a response, pretty much defending Decoz Numerology as being "just" and "true!" Well, I just let it slide from there and I decided to come back here because I read your message awhile back and I have to be honest, I had the same confusion about the life path info! Am I this, or that, you know what I mean?!

    If you're not sure which is right for you, ask your inner guidance to show you your proper life path. For me, it's the 29/11 path and not the 20/2 path. My personal belief is that the way Dan Millman calculates his life path information is correct, by adding the numbers straight across before reducing down. The Life You Were Born To Live is for me, the only source that I would go to for life path info, as it seems to be the most empowering source, whereas most other sources are disempowering!

    Ask yourself which path is more empowering to you and rest assured, it's the proper path! It may seem a bit distant from where we are currently (I know it does for me.... ;) ) but if there's a bright light in that direction, then it must be the way.........

    Anyways, hope this is helpful to you or anyone else seeking life path info... please use Dan Millman's book, The Life You Were Born To Live! Let's get empowered and help to make some positive changes for ourselves and those around us! Peace Guys

    Take it eazy
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    Wed, September 28, 2011 - 4:18 PM

    May I go ahead and confuse you guys a little further? ;-)

    I've been studying numerology since 2006. (I'm thinking some people must read this webpage, even though it's been a couple years since someone posted. Hopefully this will add a little clarity for somebody... for frustrate them. hehe We'll see.)

    This is not an exact science. Oh, the calculation is. 2 + 2 is always 4. Of course.
    BUT... there are many different methods. I have a couple stacks of numerology books in my possession now, after five years. Some books I like better than others.

    Yes, there is some life path confusion.

    In addition to the straight across method and the "Decoz" method there are a couple others.

    First of all, Hans Decoz is a wonderful numerologist. I have great respect for him. I smiled when I read the cynical post about him. Not because I'm disagreeing with the poster's feelings. When we are trying to learn this wonderful science of numerology, it can get frustrating. I admit, I actually tore half a book apart and threw it across the room one time in frustration. (I picked it up a day later and taped it back together.) Yes, it actually reached that point with me once. So I understand the frustration when we're presented with something that we believe isn't true.

    Mr. Decoz isn't trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. You can take his method or leave it - follow whatever method rings true for you. Decoz presents the science of numerology in the way he believes is right. And also, if you notice, when you use his software, he presents you with a couple different options for calculating names. Some Numerologists believe "W" is a vowel in certain cases.... did you guys know that?? (I won't even get into THAT right now, hehe.) Mr. Decoz' software allows you to set up your charts to calculate "W" as a vowel, if you want to. He leaves it up to you. Mr. Decoz personally does not believe in the "W as a vowel" thing himself, but he lets you make up your own mind what rings true for you. I think that proves he is not trying to deceive anybody. Many Numerologists feel strongly about their methods, and there is nothing wrong with that. I think he's a man of integrity to stand by his work.

    Mr. Decoz argues that by adding across instead of down, you may "lose the master number." True... but I believe you can lose the master number HIS way too, as Desiree and Derek's examples prove. I've seen this happen in other birthday examples as well, particularly in examples where the person clearly appears to be a master number life path... yet Mr. Decoz' method claims that they are not. :-)

    Yet there are still MORE methods. There's the "Up and down" method, which calculates your life path like a math problem. Using Derek's birthday, for example:


    2000 = 2 (Derek once again loses that master number with this method)

    Then there is the double-digit method. That's where you leave the month and day "as-is" and then reduce the year down once, to a double-digit. So again, using Derek's birthday:

    2 + 18 + 18 (the year 1980, reduced one time, to make it a double digit) = 38/11/2

    As you can see, Derek gets that master 11/2 back, however with this method, he's no longer a 29/11/2, he is a 38/11/2. ;-)
    (Ready to rip your hair out yet?)

    One book I own gives Britney Spears a master 33/6 life path. I believe this is false. There is only one method that gives her that number. other methods just give her a simple 6.

    Wanna know my take? I believe master numbers are important and should be acknowledged. But I don't believe in manipulating the math in order to get one. Either you have one or you don't. And i believe straight across, in either name OR birthday is the way to go.

    It's only useful to break down the date into threes if you want to find information within the birthdate. It's useful to break down a November 16, 1942 birthday, for example, in order to discover that this person has an 11/2 First Cycle, a 16/7 Second Cycle, and a 16/7 Third Cycle.

    Some numerologists (such as Decoz) recommend breaking down the first, middle, and last names in order to find the soul, personality, and destiny numbers. Example: The name Julie Ann Smith. Julie = 3, Ann = 11, and Smith = 6. Decoz would have you add 3 + 11 + 6 = 20/2 to get the destiny number.

    In my humble opinion breaking down each name individually is great. It helps you learn the inner-workings of a person's name. The family name in and of itself has a bearing on your life, for example. And it's important to know what that is. It's important to know the essence of the first name by itself to find out the key number (if you know what that is)... and so on, and so forth.
    But that is not the goal in figuring soul, personality, and destiny. The goal is to find out the soul essence, or the personality essence, or the destiny of JULIE ANN SMITH. Not Julie. Not Ann. Not Smith. Not Julie Smith. Just JULIE ANN SMITH.

    So you would add it all the way across. Her soul would be 3 + 9 + 5 + 1 + 9 = 27/9. (I believe this is the only way to get an accurate double digit behind it, as well... which also gives further insight.)

    Master numbers are important, but you don't very well build a house starting from the top, do you? So it's important that if you have an 11/2, that you "master" that 2 first. Then and only then can you move on to become the spiritual messenger... or the master builder, if you're a 22/4. Master vibrations are impossible to maintain full-time anyway. Even if you're evolved enough to hold them most of the time, you will eventually fall into the simple 2 vibration... and that's okay. That's the main essence you're meant to vibrate on the positive side of anyway. Master that 2, master that 4.... and the 11 and 22 (or whatever the case may be... 33, 66... 99?) will take care of itself.

    Same with karmic numbers. Be aware they mean karmic debt and hard work, but if you have a 14/5 for example.... then just concentrate on being a positive 5, and that 14 karma will take care of itself.

    That's my two cents from what I've learned. You're welcome to take it or leave it.

    And then there's the arguement of vowels. Some people think W is a vowel if preceded by an A, E, I, O, or U and sounded as one sound. So, for example, in the name Howard, some numerologists would consider the vowels in that name to be O, W, and A. Because the "OW" in Howard is sounded as one sound. Same with Y. Some numerologists, such as Mr. Decoz, make Y a consonant if an A, E, I. O, or U precedes it in the syllable. Decoz would say the only vowels in the name Britney, for example, are I and E.

    The late numerologist Matthew O. Goodwin, however, would tell you that Y is still a vowel because it's preceded by E and sounded as one sound... "EY." :-) He would tell you the vowels in that name are I, E, and Y.

    Bottom line: Go with your own instincts on what is right. That is all you can do.
    I personally believe all numerologists who believe in their work are right. I've found elements of truth in all methods. For example, I believe that people who have those names that can be interpreted either way, are just more mysterious, hard-to-get-to-know individuals. :-) And I believe there are no accidents. If you go to someone for a reading you'll get the numerologist that's right for you in one way or another. Desiree said her reading with that Numerologist was "years ago." Maybe she was meant to master that 2 before moving on to learn more. *shrug* There are no accidents and everything happens as it should. And we SHOULD question. But we should also follow our instincts.

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