The Mature Gay Male and Homo-Erotica

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I hope you will find this tribe interesting visually. It is a site for gay men only in celebration of the masculine mature gay male aged over 30-ish up to about 60-ish. Image contributions are welcome from browsers or members but do ensure that any posted pictures are within the prescribed age range, of excellent quality and erotic and not just about sex itself or tacky as there is much on the Internet already. Do not include images of minors or outside the intended age range as they will be deleted.

Please adhere to the guidelines given. Mature men 30ish - 60ish, guys who take care of themselves whether slim, lean, hairy, bears but no chubbies or twinks. I have had to remove some images recently as the guidelines were infringed (twinks, guys older than the format, and chubbies were posted). I do not apologise for this as the guidelines are very clear and that is how it is on this tribe page. Thanks guys.

Photos on this site have been harvested from the web with the understanding that there are no apparent copyright restrictions to any of them and contributors should be aware of this. If anyone has an issue with any image it will be removed if copyright can be proved. However, all harvested images are from public gay sites and not private ones.

The images I have uploaded are of gay mature men that are hot and attractive to me as a mature gay man. Other uploaded images from guys may not necessarily be my own sexual image preferences. Even so, enjoy the pictures guys! Discussion of our maturity as gay men is welcome and how we celebrate our masculinity and sexuality with like-minded gay men. RSS Feed what is XML?

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