Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, Mayan Elder

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The Mayan Prophecies
from the words of
Don Alejandro Cirilio Pérez
Last month Don Alejandro Cirilio Pérez Oxlaj accompanied Chris Morton and
Ceri Louise Thomas on their tour of the UK, following the publication of their
research into The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls. Don Alejandro is a Mayan priest,
now in his late sixties and a direct descendant of the ancient Mayan priesthood.
And, as Chris and Ceri recount in The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, it was he who
inspired them to publish their findings:

"As we bade Don Alejandro and the other elders goodbye before boarding our
bus for the trip back to Guatemala City, Don Alejandro left us with a few personal
words of farewell. He said simply, 'Now you have the keys to the future and you
will publish, so that all the world will know'. At the time we had no plans to write a
book, but these were his words all the same."

The following is taken from a speech Don Alejandro gave originally in Santa Fe,
New Mexico in September and adapted for his visit to the UK:

"Heart of heaven, heart of the earth, heart of the air, heart of the water
Tepeu, Kukumatz, Quetzalcoati, Kukulcan,
Balam Kitze, Balam Akab', Majacutaj, Iq Balam
Thank you, Father, for having given us life,
bless us all, those who are here on Earth
Thank you, Father, bless our people, our mountains, our rivers,
our lakes, all that we are, thank you, Father.

Honourable elders, beloved people, you who hear me, I bring this message, and
also a greeting to all who hear this voice, here is Wakatel Utiw, Wandering
Wolf, the voice of the forest, and the messenger of the Maya, who has shared
with the seven races that cover the planet Earth. I have come in fulfillment of
the prophecies, that we may all walk together, no group shall be left behind. I
am here in fulfillment of this prophecy, carrying this message to all that hear me
and to all who love the Earth, to all who love peace, and who love themselves.

We are all living beings. A tree is a life and it is an elder, the same as a human
being. A plant, while it is green, is a life. The smallest animal is a life that is part
of the life of human beings. The rocks have spirit. The volcanoes and mountains
have spirit. The rivers, oceans, and lakes have spirit. They are all children of the
Father. This is why I have come. I am the voice of the forest, the messenger of
the Maya. I come to invite you to defend our Mother Earth and see that we
continue to love the beauty of this great woman. We are millions and millions of
human beings and we are destroying her. We are mistreating her. We are
denuding and polluting her. When the Mother Earth is no longer suitable our life
will be worthless. We are creating our own misfortune, our own death.

The Mayan Prophecies tell us it is time to awaken, time for the dawn, so that
the people will have peace and will be happy. The Mayan Prophecies also tell
us, from so much walking, so much seeking, that what we are seeking, what we
have to find, at last we have found it. We are here on Earth, where we want to
be. This time has come: 13 Baktun 13 A'jau, the return of the grandparents, the
return of the wise ones to the measure of time. We are observing the control of
time. The time has come. May the people awaken. May they arise. May we all
walk together without distinction of race, color or creed, rich or poor, black or
white, indigineous or non-indigineous, people and government, to build a country
full of peace, love, tranquility and prosperity.

This is the message of the Wandering Wolf, who has travelled throughout the
Americas and who walks. Walks without money but the Father knows what he
is doing with me. I do not know where I am going. I do not know where I shall
stay. I do not know if we shall ever see each other again or not but I will leave
this message wherever I go. I leave it in the mind. I leave it in the heart. I leave
it in each breast, in each soul of my brothers and sisters where I have been.
Leaving this message in the minds of each one of you.
Cultivate it. Practice it. This is not bought or sold, it is a thing that we have to do
ourselves. We cannot wait for someone else to do it.

There have always been destroyers. They destroy peace. They destroy the
environment. They destroy the beauty of Mother Earth. They pollute space.
Scientists say we have even ruptured the balance of the Ozone layer but let us
rebuild and plant more trees. We do not have much time or life left. We have
only 14 years until the year Zero. After the year Zero there shall be peace.
There will be peace even if there are no survivors. Of course there will be peace.
We need to cultivate peace. Let us love one another. Let us defend the Earth,
our Mother, and respect our Father. His sacred mandate is among us.

We are the ones who have forgotten. We have forsaken. We have gone down a
path that is not ours. The false preachings of false religions are destroying our
own. Each people in America has its own language, its own culture. What is ours
is ours. We have no need to take from another. I am Mayan. I am travelling
through this land but I don't come to convert you into Mayans. I come to tell
you let us defend the Mother Earth. Defend our life and the lives of our
children. You in your language. You in your tradition. You in your way of
praying and making your offering. Making your payment to the Father so that
there may be peace, there may be love.

You and I may meet again in another dimension after the year Zero. The year
Zero is the word of the Maya. On March 31, 2013 the sun will be hidden for a
period of 60-70 hours and this is when we shall enter the period of the Fifth
Sun. Then will you realize that what the Mayans speak are facts and not false
preachings. We are not saying that the world will end in 2000. There are false
ones who say these things to frighten and threaten the world without awakening.
But the Mayan priests and astronomers know what is happening and see what
shall happen in the future. This is my only message. I do not come to intimidate
you. I come to say that we should love one another. Let us walk together. We
are all children and we pray that our Father be with us. Thank you."
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    Re: Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, Mayan Elder

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    Mayan Elder Speaks
    September 1999 ... Santa Fe, New Mexico
    We are all here because it is our destiny, our mission. Spirit has called each of you here. You are special. I am no more special than you are. You are more than me. I am a poor Mayan. We do not have schools and universities like you do. We live in the poor countryside. What I have is given to me by my father. The Cosmos is the source of our knowledge. We study the Cosmos. Our books are the Mayan Codices. For us, this is our writing. The hand is a book. We have 5000 codices. We study these. We communicate with the invisible ones, the star people, who gave me my name,"Wandering Wolf." I come in fulfillment of the prophesies of the Mayan and Hopi, which says: "Those of the center will unite the eagle of the north and the condor of the south, because we are one, like the fingers of the hand." This means that the elders of Central America will unite with those of North and South America. This is a fulfillment of our prophesies, that is why I am here. our elder astronomers are watching over time and when it will be fulfilled. It shall be fulfilled in Twelve Baktun and it began on August 17, 1987, the Harmonic Convergence. It was then that I began my walk all over the world. The Harmonic Convergence began the Twelve Baktun, Thirteen Bahaou and will end in 2012 or 2013 by your calendar. This will end the fourth period of the sun by our calendar. There will be huge problems. Catastrophes and cataclysms will befall us. So I have been asked to speak to you and all over the world, of these prophesies and other elders, too. We speak in defense of the natural world. No more pollution of the planet. It cannot survive it, and then we will not be able to survive without our mother earth. There is no more distinction between races and colors and creeds. Your sadness and loneliness is the same as mine. We have the same feelings of love. Why? We have the same sun, one breath, all the earth is fed by the one sun, air, water-mother earth, and we return here. We are the flower of the earth of different colors, sizes, scents. You and your music -we all go in the same direction: toward the Creator. The Mayans with their hands tied, hearts torn out are in the codices and were fulfilled five hundred years ago and to the present day. These prophesies are being fulfilled. In Guatemala, we cannot ask for food or land, or they will shoot us. They come at night and take our leaders and shoot them and torture them, rape them, and take their hearts out. Pregnant women have their babies torn from their stomachs. These injustices began five hundred years ago and continue to this very day in all the Americas. They want to destroy each other and turn mother earth into money. Soon the illness, heat, suicide and drought arrives. LETS SEE IF WE CAN FIX IT with money when there is no water, polluted land, air, seas...we cannot. We must do it now, before it is too late, we must stop cutting down the trees. We seek the unity of all people to seek no more pollution. Lets think about the future for our children. What will we leave them? A tank? A gun? We must leave them love, equality, freedom. Earth belongs to the Creator. It is for humans, for man. Man divided and put boundaries around it and owned the land. No one can claim the sun or air - it is for all of us. Mayan astrologers know a lot but do not say everything. In these past days there are many doomsday sayers. On August 11, 1987, the positions of planets in alignment brought more energy on the earth. There will be more earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. During 2012-2013 there will be a great comet and a red comet. We are all creatures of the earth, but in space there are others. Comets might fall elsewhere. These are not predictions of death.But a great illness will come from pollution. That is why we are gathering, to stop the pollution that will cause this great illness. It is the fulfillment of a prophesy. During 1994, in Guatemala at a meeting of the elders, we lit a sacred fire day and night, and for seventy two hours there were more than three hundred elders participating. Not just to talk about the prophesies, but to awaken the power centers of the earth. That is why we are here now in North America, in Santa Fe. Each elder did their ceremonies for ten days. This was called the Continental Gathering Reunion. In 1997 we met again in Bogota, Colombia and ended in the Amazon. Over four hundred elders came. From there the indigenous people of North America were selected next in Santa Fe. Hopefully, you will help us. It is a prayer for Creating Peace. At each gathering there are certain papers presented and ceremonies done. Each tribe will share their knowledge and their prophesies, their ceremonies at the ceremonial sites. We struggle to defend our Mother Earth. All the goals discussed at the gathering must be written in a book. We are writing a history and publishing it. So the authorities can read it. There will be a thirty six hour prayer for peace. Everyone prayed and made offerings and created a memorial. The crystal skulls that are from the Mayan pyramids have been given to a woman to hold and protect. Later they will be returned to the pyramids. Anna Mitchell Hodges is holding them. These crystal skulls were brought from the Pleiades, they speak of reincarnation. The elders know the science of the lives in this. The Mother of Mayan science is Pleiadian. These skulls must go home where they belong. This is the science of the future after 2000. You were called to be here and carry this message. SPREAD THE WORD!! The Wingmakers are actually the star people. Mayan actually means "my people." They first came to Atlantis. Our first pyramids are there, underwater. In the Bermuda area. Tulan was the name of the city of Atlantis. Their great prophets, (star people), came and gave an oral transmission. It has been passed down for thousands of years. In the beginning there were four of them. The first teachers from the Pleiades taught the astronomy and the beginning of creation, the Great Mysteries. They have the power of the sixth and seventh senses and the third eye. They came to teach us these things. The way of working together, etc. There have been many visitations from the Pleiades, then they return there, then they come back here again and come down to Asia, Tibet, Kaimaya, and in India also. "Nagamaya" they were called. There are glyphs that speak of these visitations, like the Wingmakers. More will be discovered when it is time. In 2012, these wise ones will return again. There are some now incarnated in bodies, we do not know who they are and it is a secret until the time comes. This is the return of the ancestors spoken about in the prophesies. They will all arise, not just Mayan, all of us. The prophesy says: "May it dawn, may the new day come, may people have peace and be happy." To guide you with these messages, it is the message of the dawn...the bringers of the dawn. You will see then where we have come from. The Psychic says we, together will see our mountains, our children, our waters..."Now that I return I see my children confused in different religions and cities destroyed and my mountains and deserts and rivers polluted." When they return in 2012, what will we show them? What will they see? Take this message and share it. This is why we are gathering, to tell people the importance of saving the mother earth, of stopping the pollution.
    Thank you.
    Don Alejandro
    Wandering Wolf
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      Re: Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, Mayan Elder

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      A Holy Message of Unity Amidst Chaos
      by Charles C. Clark IV
      Coast Press Editor
      LEWES- A small pool of calm could be found last weekend in the frenetic ocean of Memorial Day celebrations.
      Don Alejandro Cirilio Perez Oxlaj, president of the Council of Elders of the Sacred Mayas, brought the wisdom and culture of the ancient Mayan Indian people to the beach-resort area during his visit to the United States. In his own words, part of his visit is best classified as a pilgrimage to bring forth an ancient message to the people of the world. Don Alejandro also came asking for assistance for the people of his village, who have been devastated by years of oppression, aggression, and human rights violations.
      Don Alejandro, a healer, teacher and holy man among the Quiche Maya tribe, spoke through his interpreter and apprentice, 37 year old Juan Jose Gonzalez, of Nahauatl, Mexico. He came to Lewes Friday morning, accompanied by Gonzalez, and presented a three hour talk later that evening to about 40 people at the Seaside Nature Center in Cape Henlopen State Park.
      At a nearby home of an associate of his, he spoke in a soft yet determined voice about universal themes which, according to Mayan prophecies and beliefs, affect all people. His pitch black hair and youthful countenance contrasted greatly with his 63 years. His eyes, however, shone with a very old light.
      Although short in physical stature, a quality common among the Maya Indians, Don Alejandro's words were large enough to encompass the world and everything in it.
      "The reason why I am here is I am a messenger of the Mayas. I'm here to fulfill a prophecy to come to the North and talk to the people of the North. To share the prophecy we have. That is the reason I'm here."
      "In our sacred book, the prophecy says to raise all up, not just one or two groups, but to raise up all the groups, and together to see our children, to see our people, to see our cities, to see again our land, to see again our oceans, and together recognize we are one."he began.
      Don Alejandro stated all people were created by one Creator, and that our similarities far out-weigh our differences. As beings of spiritual energy, our existence is forever, he said, adding also that much has changed since his spirit visited North America centuries ago, when everything was quite different.
      "Now that I'm here again, I see the confusion among our people, our children, the confusion in our cities. Too many different confusing points of view, religions. Now that I'm here again, I come to see my cities, all destroyed. Now that I'm here again, I see my mountains all destroyed, divided. I have found my waters all polluted, contaminated.
      "That's why I'm here: to talk to people, and to let the people, who want to, understand the voice of the Maya." he explained.
      Don Alejandro stated the Mayan people have a complete world view because they received their knowledge about the world and its mysteries directly.
      "As the Maya, we didn't get our knowledge, our wisdom, from other people. We received it directly from the Creator, the Great Spirit, from the cosmos. That is why we call ourselves the children of the sun, the children of time." the holy man said.
      "In my case, I remember when I was here, a thousand years ago. And now I'm here, back again, in this present time to say something about the future of humanity and about our people." he explained.
      Don Alejandro said his mission is to alert all people about what will transpire in the all not too distant future.
      "All things that we talk about and we see around us - wars, conflicts, lack of food, hunger, lack of water - all those things are going to remain. They're not going to go away, they're not going to change. They're going to remain with us. What we perceive for the future is a great illness, a great disease. Doctors and scientists, they won't be able to name this illness." he said solemnly, adding that this illness will be too new and different for people to comprehend.
      Don Alejandro said this disease will not be produced by humanity or spread by governments. Instead, he said, it will be caused by the way in which people live their lives today.
      "It is because we have all stopped loving each other, and we have stopped loving our Mother Earth. And we have broken away from our natural laws, from the creation. So it is important that all nations on our planet pray to the Great Spirit, our Creator, in their own ways, in their own languages. At the worst moment of this situation, the nations of all of the different continents will raise their own voices, using their own language to the Creator, calling, calling the Creator, praying to the Creator. But only when things are really, really, bad will the nation's raise their voices and their arms to pray to the Creator." Don Alejandro prophesied.
      Don Alejandro named specific mountains and volcanoes, which will become active, in all of the continents on the globe that will "raise up the voices of the people. So then the people will wake up. They will raise up and claim the name of the Creator, they will pronounce the name of the Creator. At that point, those who believe will join them in this praise. And those who do not feel this change will just become part of the destruction." he concluded.
      In addition to these messages Don Alejandro is bringing to North America, he is also sending a plea of help for his people. He said many of the men in his village have been killed outright by either the past Guatemalan government or by guerillas who have been scarring the countryside in blood battles.
      Left behind, for the most part, are the poverty stricken children and the widows of those who have been killed. In an effort to become self sufficient , the villagers recently acquired foot pump sewing machines in order to hopefully begin a clothing manufacturing operation that will bring much needed funds to his decimated region.
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        Re: Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, Mayan Elder

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        Medicine For the World, (posted 8/28/98)

        FOR RELEASE: WEEK OF AUGUST 28, 1998
        by Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez
        The Mayan elder and medicine man prayed to Heart of the Sky, the celestial space with all its elements and energy that keep the universe in equilibrium. He prayed to Heart of the Earth, honored as the female energy that feeds us. He prayed to Heart of Water and Heart of Fire.

        To the four directions he prayed: Let there be no more violence, no more nuclear bombs, no more illness, no more science that destroys life and plants and Earth. May the children live long and the women be strong for seven generations. And he prayed for the four colors of the Earth, that they might change their hearts. When the people are ill, the land will be ill.

        Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj (cq) is a 13th-generation Quiche Maya High Priest. He is the head of the Council of Elders of the Americas whose members represent indigenous peoples from Argentina to Alaska. He travels the world over with the palabra, or sacred wisdom, of the elders to foretell the prophesies of what awaits us if Mother Earth is not respected.

        Recently, we attended ceremonies and workshops with him at the XII International Congress of Traditional and Indigenous Medicine in Albuquerque, N.M., an academy of scientists, physicians and traditional healers and medicine people. Don Alejandro was honored with the Martin de la Cruz award, named after a Nahuatl Indian doctor who wrote one of the several codices of Mexico following the Spanish invasion. While Don Alejandro spoke of cures and illness, his primary message was of the elders' concern for the land, as the guardians of the natural world and the original environmentalists. "Medicine will be nothing if the environment is polluted," he said. "Los sabios, the wise people, struggle to protect nature."

        The congress's scientific members have been "proving" as valid the ancient knowledge of medicine people and curanderos. Elders have long said they too practice science-the science of life. And what may seem mystic is only so because our minds cannot yet understand the power of prayer nor the forces that lie in the unseen world. It is a science and way of life passed down from elders and within families and medicine societies, maintained in secret and sacred traditions.

        Don Alejandro said his elders were also the trees-he lamented their destruction. "They are the authorities of tradition. They are the administrators of the natural world," he said.

        "If you are asleep, wake up. Raise your eyes. Look at your volcanoes; look at your mountains. Look at your lakes, your springs-they are drying up." He asked where were the tigers and lions. They can be seen only on TV. Where are the birds that sing to the dawn? "We have one sun that shines, one water, the same Mother Earth for rich and poor, white and black, Indian and non-Indian."

        He said poverty and ignorance weren't the only causes of illness. "Violence is a product of inequality, a product of injustice. The illness of violence can create diabetes or limit the potential of people." Don Alejandro is responsible for taking care of 200 widows and children in his village in Guatemala, which has been ravaged by war and the violations of men.

        Many elders spoke of another kind of medicine long ignored by the medical profession, the spiritual medicine, or power, that each of us carries within. Persons are honored when it is said that they have "good medicine." Plants used for healing and ceremonies are also revered as medicine. The grandfathers and the grandmothers, as elders are called, prayed that humankind bring out the medicine from within to heal the people and the land.

        Another Mayan elder counseled people to live with the vision of seven generations, that our actions and our prayers are for generations to come. It is now that we must think of ourselves as the ancestors of our future.

        Whenever Don Alejandro speaks, his words are the prayers of the Creator:

        "May the dawn appear. May the aurora arrive so people will have peace and be happy. Play my melodies large and small. Let loose my dancers. May my prisoners be free. They are my valleys. They are my mountains."

        Just as the shadow cannot be severed from the body, healing cannot be fissured from the spirit, nor the body from the mind, nor the delusions of the mind-such as avarice and hate-from their consequences upon the Earth.


        Both writers are authors of Gonzales/Rodriguez: Uncut & Uncensored (ISBN 0-918520-22-3 UC Berkeley, Ethnic Studies Library, Publications Unit.

        Rodriguez is the author of Justice: A Question of Race (Cloth ISBN 0-927534-69-X paper ISBN 0-927534-68-1 Bilingual Review Press) and the antibook, The X in La Raza II and Codex Tamuanchan: On Becoming Human. They can be reached at PO BOX 7905, Albq NM 87194-7905, 505-242-7282 or Gonzales's direct line is 505-248-0092 or

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