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The Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association (MECDA) is a group that works for you! Created in 1977. MECDA is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the community as a source of education, communication, promotion, and inspiration for the near and middle east music, dance, and arts community worldwide. Our members include dancers, musicians, artists, and other persons interested in Near East and Middle Eastern culture, music, dance, and arts. Our goal is to bring a sense of unity to a richly diverse community as well as celebrate the culture and its arts. Join us in bringing the community together and working as a whole. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Freya's Full Moon Bellydance  photo flag
Bellydance Kaliedoscope  photo flag
Bellydance KaliedoscopeSabrina Moyes  photo flag
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V2 + Troupe  photo flag
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