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Hello loverly ladies and gents.
Welcome to my wacky world of ruffles and grommets, coins and feathers, lace and leather, hand dyed silk, unexpected metal bits and the occasional burst of spray paint.
Here you will find costumes handmade by yours truly as well as other unique items!
Who am I? Good question! Heres the basics;

Medina Maitreya began her costuming adventures in the teeming jungles of the Hawaiian Islands by dressing her dolls in leaves, flower petals, and moss. Today, her methods and materials have improved thanks to an education from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and many years of experience.
Her unique, hand-sewn pieces are inspired by the very beautiful and the utterly bizzare.
Her signature style can best be seen on the luminous bodies of Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque, the gorgeous and talented Kami Liddle and Samantha Hasthorpe of the Bellydance Superstars, the amazing March Fourth Marching Band, and the one and only Zoe Jakes of The Indigo and the Yard Dogs Road Show.

Please make sure that you email me at for ALL correspondence!
Due to the frequency of tribe undergoing maintainance I cannot be responsible for any mixups should Tribe go down.

oh and heres a link to my Etsy store where you can purchase what you see here :)

no returns on custom orders.

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Medina Maitreya
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night club for fun  topic
Medina Maitreya @ Cosmik Casbah - Tribal Fest A...  topic
Zoe Jakes in hat and Onesie by me  photo flag
Zoe Jakes in hat and Onesie by me  photo flag
Zoe Jakes in hat and Onesie by me  photo flag
Zoe Jakes in hat and Onesie by me  photo flag
Zoe Jakes in hat and Onesie by me  photo flag
Sid Simpatico of March Fourth Marching Band  photo flag
marianne's bra  photo flag
kami liddle in headdress by me  photo flag
fabiolas's costume  photo flag
faiths vest  photo flag
martinis headdress  photo flag
Zoe Jakes  photo flag
Zoe Jakes in Medina Maitreya Designs  topic
Medina skirt in action !!!  topic
coveted item FINALLY for sale on my etsy store!  topic
my medida dress  topic
NEW ITEMS ON ETSY!!!!!  topic
Taking orders?  topic
Tribal Fest 09?  topic
I die!  topic
TOMORROW!!!!!  topic

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