BDSM Medical Play

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Enemas, needle play, injections, exams, and other ways to play doctor. RSS Feed what is XML?

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my medical fantasy  topic
Seeking Doc for castration/med play  topic
inventor needed, to help stretch my peehole  topic
testicle injections  topic
Coming to Vegas?  topic
Worcestershire UK?  topic
Any other enema lovers on this forum  topic
cfnm boston  review
looking in st louis also  topic
Still looking in st. louis  topic
Looking for a female medical /enema play partne...  topic
Anyone into Saline Infusion ??  topic
players in New England??  topic
So What Does YOUR Fetish consist of...  topic
Upcoming Medical Fetish Class @ Stormy Leather!  topic
Enema class and efest west @ Edges  topic
Sounds and Catheters Medical Play workshop/class  topic
Women's Hot Wax Play February 9th at Edges  topic
Stunt Bottoms needed for medical class demo  topic
Cool Upcoming Class @ Edges  topic
Calling all Female Stunt Bottoms  topic
Social Kink Videos- Skin Two Expo  review
Un-conventional impact play class @ Edges this ...  topic
Play piercing class?  topic

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