Urethral Sound question

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I understand that this will vary from person to person but how far can one insert a sound into the urethra? I have had a steel handle from a dental pick used on me once and it went in about 3.5 inches. I was wondering if anyone in the group has had a lot of expierence with this area?
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    Tue, September 4, 2007 - 1:48 AM
    It depends on the individuals involved. You don't want to force the sound in. This could case serious and permanent damage. It's a very good idea if the person who is inserting the sound has some medical training, or perhaps was taught by a medical professional.

    Women have a MUCH shorter urethra than men. This is why it is more likely that they will get bladder infections from urethral play. It's why women are more prone to get bladder infections in the first place.

    I'm wondering why you would put something like the handle of a dental implement in your urethra? Then again, I"ve heard of people using knitting needles and other dangerous objects.

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      Tue, September 4, 2007 - 3:49 PM
      I didnt choose the tool, it was used on me. I do know that the tools where sterilized so I didnt put up much of a fight. It was in the middle of an oral exam that shifted from the mouth to other areas real fast.
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        Sun, September 9, 2007 - 12:37 PM
        Don't dental picks have rough handles to provide a better grip? I forget since it's been so long since I've seen one, but that's the image that immediately popped into my mind when you mentioned this.

        If they do, I would *especially* second Domina's recommendation that you "Just say no" in the future, because a) rough surfaces are almost guaranteed to cause abrasions and possibly tears in *the* most delicate tissue in your body that can lead easily to infection and permanent damage including uncontrollable incontinence if not permanent urethral obstruction, and b) I don't see any way they can be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, even with an autoclave, because that sort of surface will pick up some of the tissue they tear, and there's no way to ensure every last bit of it is removed.

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          Sun, September 9, 2007 - 1:53 PM
          I just had my teeth cleaned Wednesday, and the picks I saw had rough handles.

          Nasty when used inside.

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            Sun, September 9, 2007 - 2:33 PM
            The one used on me was smooth but had an octagon shape handle. It didnt hurt at all till it was almost all the way in and the pick part poked the tip.
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              Sun, September 9, 2007 - 5:58 PM
              My opinion, DJ, (and it's my opinion. I've been a top for a long time, my first sub was a surgeon, and I learned some of my medical play from nurses) you were lucky.

              I know that a lot of you guys don't think about safety, but if it were MY body, I'd want to know that the top knew what he/she was doing, had my safety in mind. BOTH items.

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                Re: Urethral Sound question

                Mon, September 10, 2007 - 4:10 PM
                Thank you for your input. I guess my need out weighed my common sense factor. I have to try and keep my head focused next time.

                Very Respectfully
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                Wed, March 19, 2008 - 12:31 PM
                For those interested in Sounds and Catheters

                Saturday, April 12 2008
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                Medical Workshop: Catheters and Sounds with Simone Kross

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                Interested in learning more about medical play and the skill sets needed to perform specific medical fetish procedures? Then you are invited to explore the possibilities of urethral sounds and catheters with Simone Kross. Even if you are squeamish or shy away from medical play, you are still encouraged to join this workshop to alleve your fears, advance your nasty knowledge and expand your kinky horizons. Geared for those with curiosity about medical play as well as those with a medical fetish, the workshop will focus on catheterization and sound play within medical roleplay and BDSM. There will be a live demonstration and we will openly discuss the risks involved with urethral insertion and catheter play.

                Though Simone Kross is NOT a certified medical practitioner, doctor, or nurse, she does have many years of practical experience in this field.

                Simone Kross is a highly regarded and respected professional dominatrix who has been part SF Bay Area BDSM community since 1997. She is well versed in all aspects of sadomasochism: pleasure, pain and its applications. She specializes in the psychological aspects of play, developing a sincere connection, psychodrama and role-play, in addition to corporal discipline, humiliation, bondage and how do play safely. The wonderful thing about Simone Kross is that she is down to earth, easy to approach and has an unimposing nature. While she is well known for being an “edge player” she also has a compassionate, sensual, sexy and fun (yes, fun) approach to BDSM.
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    Re: Urethral Sound question

    Tue, September 4, 2007 - 12:12 PM
    You can go all the way into the bladder, but be very careful so as not to puncture yourself. It can be very erotic to have something so foreign inserted into oneself. Whether done because you do it or you "doctor" has demanded that it be done.
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    Tue, January 22, 2008 - 2:23 PM
    Hello DJ
    i am from out here on the right coast (NH),,,,
    my experince in using sounds and "other" implement's,, thing's "MUST" be clean and sterile,, That is a MUST ! ! rough edged implement's such as the dental pick you mentioned should NOT be used,, You can do serious damage to the inside of your urethra,,smooth i tem's should be used, preferably "MEDICAL STAINLESS STEEL" i own a set of Pratt curved sounds,they are 12 inches in length,, my Owner (i am a collared slave) uses thease on me, i was self tought "AFTER" reading A LOT about this,,then tought my Owner,,my Owner can stick thease in me all the way to my bladder about 9 1/2 inches to 10 inches,, on one ocasion She did penitrate my bladder causing me to urinate,not a good thing when you have a FR35 sound stuck in there,, the urethra is blocked urine did leak out makeing a mess,,,When your bladder is penitrated you will urinate uncontrolably,,, when inserting the sound this should be done SLOWLY, lay on your back hold the penis in a upward direction start with the smallest sound, use lots of medical surgi lube start the sound into the head ,,with a LOOSE GRIP on the sound allow it to enter on it's own,, it will slide into the urethra by it self (due toi it's own weight) to about 3-4 inches,, for me at about this point because of the curved ends on mine,, my Owner has to "GENTLY" turn the sound one way or the other to follow the urethra tube,sometimes aiming the penis down help's in this,, when it makes this turn holding the penis up it will slide in some more on it's own (from it's own wieght) this usally takes it to a point of about 6-7 inches inside me,,, from then on my Owner "GENTLY" "EVER SO GENTLY" pushes it the rest of the way in with Her hand constantly watching me (for discomfort) and listening to my comunication from how i feel and if She should turn it or what ever i may need to get it further,,,until she reaches the bladder,,,i can feel it against my bladder, i let Her know, unless She decides to "make" me urinate,,,She will usally tell me what Her intentions are,,,
    Removal is pretty simple ,, hold the penis in a up ward or down position it will slide out on it's own,, move on to the next size sound using lot's of surgi lube,,,,
    another fun thing to do is get a tuneing fork,, strikeing the sound agaist something start's it vibrating,, while it is vibrating touch the tuneing fork to the exposed part of the sound from Your penis it will vibrate thru the sound thru your urethra,,, this is a AWSOME sensation
    after a good sound scene "urethra streching" my Owner can take her baby finger (covered with surgical glove) and insert it into my penis about a inch to a inch and a half,,, W/we are presently working on streching it to a point in the future where She will be able to insert Her whole finger in my penis to the hand,,, this is a slow process like anal stretching it takes time,,, my Owner has also stuck a cork screw in my penis,, but i would DEFINATELY RECOMEND you only do this after becoming proficent with sounds,,,LOL:) that really freaks guys out at a play party LOL:) the Women seem to LOVE it,, go figure?????
    another key thing is to urinate after using sound's,, urine is very pure 90 something % pure, it act's as a disenfectant, it washes out any impureity's after sound play,, ocasionly you may have drops of blood,, i have not had any issues i have been doing this with my Owner for about year,, the head of your penis will have a stingie sensation for a day or so after, when you urinate,, in my case this goes away i have not had any problems,
    BE SAFE ,,READ UP ON THIS,, GAIN KNOWLEDGE,,ASK QUESTION"S IF YOU HAVE some one close to ask for advice ,,,GO SLOW ! ! ! enjoy the feeling,, i LOVE serving my Owner with this form of play,,, at play party's it is AWSOME to freak out the guy's,,,
    Be Well
    Play Safe, Sane , and Consenule
    Countess pooch :)) arrff arrrff :)
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    oops, I got a problem Re: Urethral Sound question

    Thu, January 24, 2008 - 8:45 AM
    I played for a couple of decades experiencing insertion of sterilized sounds from the tip of they penis thru the uretha. I also have experienced narrow qtips, soaked in rubbing alcohol. You must be careful of these items because they can nick the uretha. I also had cathers inserted,during play, and into the kidney thus removing urine during play. None of these items, over the decades, have caused a problem...
    2 yrs ago, I had my gallbladder removed lathrascophically(terrible spelling) and during this procedure a cather was inserted in my penis. Weeks later,during my annual urolgy exam, a trace of blood,invisible to the eye, was found in the urine.
    Subsequent exam determined that the uretha was nicked during the surgical insertion of a cather. However, the urologist said no action was required and the nick eventuall formed scar tissue in the uretha.
    Then, a yr later, during urination, i watched in disbelief as my urine stream turned from a forceful thin stream to a multi level stream. I saw a urologst and she removed the urethal scar tissue in a following procedure.
    I avoid and miss the insertion of cathers,sounds,qtips in the uretha. Butt, female dommes drip small amts of alcohol, from an eyedropper, into the head of the penis and I scream in delight as the burning senstaion trickles down the uretha. Care should be taken with the qty of alcohol dripped into the uretha .I would not recommend other liquids because of the possiblity of infection or severe burning...Speaking of burning: nothing like experiencing cbt w/fire.or a slow roast adjacent to cans of sterno
    ..I'm a a match? smiles
    • Okay, first off, if you are inserting anything into the kidneys, you've gone beyond anything that could possibly be play. I believe you mean that the top inserted the catheter into the BLADDER. That's where urine is stored before it leaves the body.

      Secondly, "butt" is slang for a bottom. The word you are looking for is "but" which means instead of. (Sorry, but that kind of misuse just makes me think the person writing has the intelligence level of an aardvark.)

      Trickling alcohol into the urethra isn't my idea of safe, but tastes differ. I recommend sticking to things that can be put in your mouth and not going further than about 3/4 of an inch with the q tip. Wasabi is pretty excruciating. I recommend against muscle rubs as many men have serious problems with this. And remember, anything that contacts the mucus membranes will go right into the bloodstream. You should be fine as long as you urinate immediately after play and do this GENTLY.

      I do not recommend playing with catheters unless you really know what you're doing. If you damage the bladder sphincter, well, lets just say that the guy with the damaged sphincter is going to be called drippy for the rest of his life.

      And you can damage the urethra with any of this stuff. You need to be very careful that the person you are playing with knows what they are doing, and is careful.


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