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So, on Friday the 17th, a few friends and I went up to the city for this medical roleplay class. I was super jazzed because the description made it sound like a real doctor or nurse was going to walk us through an actual examination and then show us where we could insert certain mini-scenes to make the overall examinations hot and steamy. After fighting the 101 traffic and the perpetual search for parking, we got to the class...only to find out that it was a bit of a joke- literally. I felt that the demeanor of the teachers was more comical than sexy, and I am sad to say that I didn't learn anything that I already know- which is why we attend classes right? Moreover, many of the procedures were faked or half-assed (like this fake enema scene- no pun intended). We would have walked out early in the class, but they did do a historical medical scene with a barber and real leeches that was pretty out there- though the energy of the scene ruined the overall feel of the leech demo. The event really was the bud light of kink, and didn't have a lot of solid knowledge that can be used in scene planning...which leads me to a question.

Are there any doctors in the scene that will show people how they approach a real exam and why, so that us play docs come off a bit more professional and have a solid idea of how to design a examination scene? I would be curious to find out how they pick the order of tests/exams and how they control the flow of the scene in real life, then juxtapose it with ways to add more kink and foreplay into a solid scene. A class or professional that would do this greatly interests me, and I hope I have an opportunity to take such a class sometime in the future- I feel that anything less would not be satisfactory.

Just curious if anyone knows of any classes like I mentioned, or if anyone has had similar experiences with bunk BDSM classes like the one I went to in SF?

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  • I think most real doctors won't show people how to do medical scenes because of liability.

    • Thanks Domina.

      Liability is a really good reason and something that I didn't consider because playing doctor is such a common fantasy among people that I figured some professionals carried over in to our realm
      • My first sub was a surgeon, but he would not EVER teach a class. Or even teach someone one on one unless he was playing with them. Back in the day when people were more closely connected, I was priviledged to have a CBT class from a nurse. But that was maybe 14 years back. I've had a few one on ones from nurses in the scene, and I once was teaching another prodomme how to insert a catheter in her client when he informed me he was an EMT. He also complemented me on my instruction of his Domme. (Personally, if I was a medical professional, I am not sure I could deal with being used as a demo dummy while one [non medical professional] prodomme taught another a procedure that can lead to some nasty complications if done wrong.]

        Panther is an EMT and he has taught suturing classes. And we used to have a woman in the scene who was a nurse co-teach genital inflation with her partner. But most medical professionals just don't want the potential liability of going there.

        What would you like to see in a Medical Fetish class?

        • Domina,

          In a nutshell, I would love to see a medical roleplay class that covers a wide spectrum of different medical scenarios. I was particularly interested in a class that covered the different steps of a physical exam, obgyn exam, and a prostate/urogical exam including the methodology behind the order of the tests and procedures performed. Then, the class could suggest ways to make the exam pervy and sexual by adding certain "extra procedures" and through good scene writing by the top. It would be cool to learn how to talk and act a bit more like a real doctor by learning how they approach an exam and what a real doctor would look for- and then talk about how to flip it into a BDSM context. There are a few medical instruments I would also like to learn how to use like catheters and sounds. Most books and sites highly suggest learning catheter and sound type play from a trained professional- so those procedures would be interesting to learn as part of a class taught by someon very educated in medical play, or real medicine for that matter.

          I would also like to add that as a switch, it is hard to bottom to a medical procedure knowing you taught the person topping you how to do it. It is very hard to let go of control and free your mind because you know how the procedure should be done, and all of the nescessary steps, safty concerns, etc. But I guess that can be exciting too, can't it?

          Thanks for responding.


          • I did a lot of medical role play as a prodomme, and very little of it was really the way a doctor would have performed the exam. Of course we all know the cold stethoscope and the blood pressure cuff, but you don't collect urine samples with a catheter or do so much anal probing in a real exam. Nor do you finish by insisting that the patient provide you with a sperm sample by wanking in a cup.

            I've done less medical play with women, but it would be easy to demonstrate a real exam. Most women do NOT find them erotic, I have to tell you. The majority of medical fetishists are male. But I do have to say that many women enjoy topping these scenes. They can be a lot of fun.

            The sexual part would be written in by the people doing it. I used to have one client who wanted his exam as stuffy and realistic as possible. I hve had others with really funny and bizarre role plays in mind. And some who just want medical trappings to a torture session.

            I'm not sure any non-professional can put on a medical fetish class that would be what you personally want. And I'm reasonably sure that very few medical professionals are going to want to put on such a class.

            Most of us learn techniques from people we trust to show us. Most of us learn how to do the scene from having been to a doctor, watching medical shows on tv, and our imagination. For instance, a lot of guys enjoy catheter play. It's actually more dangerous to do cath play with women because they have a shorter urethra, and therefore are more likely to get a bladder infection. Anytime you do cath play, it's a good idea to drink a lot of water and cranberry juice for the next 48 hours to help flush your bladder. Never insert liquid into the bladder. This can cause you more problems that you'd like. The chances of introducing something icky are much higher when you are adding liquid. And do EVERYTHING you can to maintain a clean environment. There is a reason that cleansers are used at the opening of the urethra such as betadine and other viricides.

            Violet wands make great medical torture implements.

            And needle play can easily be invorporated into most medical scenes.

            And nothing can make you feel more helpless than to be in a strait jacket and being given an enema.


            • Domina,

              Wow- Thanks for another imformative reply. I figured your experience as a pro-domme yielded a few tips for med play scenes, and it sounds like medical fetish scenes are something you really enjoy doing (II love the straight jacket enema idea btw). You are probably correct that more men than women are into medical exam type scenes, but it is worth mentioning that all the med play and enema loving people in the BDSM community I have discussed kink with are overwhelmingly female- which tickles me pink and gives me hope. Either way, I would still be interested in learning some medical techniques like catheters first hand. Thanks for all the advice.


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