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Links, Links, Everywhere! The singular purpose of this tribe is to interconnect as many channels of information & communication as possible, allowing easy access to all...
Here's the basic format: Each topic will be a category containing links pertaining to that category.
Link posts should use the following format:
"Name of Site/Forum/Tribe/etc.
www. link. whateva
Description of Site"
Members are encouraged to post any links you may have for any given category that you don't already see there, & if you have links to something you don't see a category for make a new one! User feedback of posted sites is definitely encouraged, but useless flaming &/or name calling won't be tolerated. I myself will read every post made here & I will always answer any questions as to which category to post to, where to find certain types of links, or any other questions you may have. RSS Feed what is XML?

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