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topic posted Sat, January 14, 2006 - 11:40 AM by  chlodevig
Hello, just checked in...

Ok, I have this huge piece of leather, which I want to make a leather kilt with. Does anyone have a pattern or some tips. I did find a pattern for regular kilts, but I guess since it's leather it would probably be better to use a simpler pattern.

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  • For at least a visual reference, Utilikilts makes a leather kilt, which is featured from several angles on their website

    I used to make leather masks and body sculptures. Made a few bags and attempted a shirt once. One thing I learned is that making leather clothing is that it's NOTHING like making the fabric equivalent. Amongs other problems, every needle hole shows, so no ripping out stitches and starting over when you glitch something.

    Good luck!

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