Sexy penis names.....

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So we had this conversation the other day.
About penis's.
I said that I didnt find cock, penis, pecker, shlong, etc. ANY OF THem sexy enough to use in love making
I wonder why this is and what other words are. And also wonder if this is just because of those words relationship to porno and negativity?
How do you folks feel about it.

Im tottally into sexy talk and I have mostly been with women, and find I have many words to describe theyre sexyness, but feels awkward when i go to describe my own...........penis is to clinical, cock is to porno, pecker is to ...i dunno............. and shlong well shlong is just shlong.......hehe

anyhow lemme know, mat
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    Sun, May 6, 2007 - 1:38 AM
    yes, yes, i resonate with this stuck place

    i would never want to call my extension a dick, because well nobody wants to be a dick
    penis - go back to the anatomy book
    lingum - sorry no - i like the name yoni for a woman's genitalia, but lingum just will not do

    so what are we left with?

    i use the word cock
    though not with a 100% ease
    i like it because there is pride in it
    a rooster strutting his stuff and knowing that he is magestic and beautiFull

    yet still not satisfied,
    looking for a new name
    creating one's own name is an act of liberation
    (if you doubt me look at the change from being labelled "nigger" by another to the respectful and liberating self-identification of "African-American")
    and likewise, "the male flag" needs an act of name liberation as well...
    i eagerly await
    some parts of me especially....
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      Mon, May 7, 2007 - 6:26 PM
      As a Brit on the West Coast of Canada... I defer to the homeland...
      Willy is a common term used in the UK and gives our Roger a name and a will of his own...
      So my willy or Will has a will of his own, he runs the show and loves to play
      I am under sexed and love Willy and sense most men love their Dicks, our pleasure sticks
      So many names are possible...
      Not sure we manly men shold be naming our cocks too creativly, is there such a thing
      Dress him up, paint him, one guy last night was saying how he sprinkles coke on his as it drives his girl friend wild for ages cleaning it off... and providing some added sensations for him - he's dutch...
      I say love your cock, name him, give him away, share him, encourage naming rituals by those who get to meet and love him...
      Does it really matter what he's called, more it matters the places he goes
      Have fun and follow your will and I'll follow mine !
      Hey Will's a good name we named our future king after him !

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