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topic posted Wed, January 25, 2006 - 5:21 PM by  Eggman
Hello people and welcome, I just started this up as a place for information about riding Mexican buses in the US and Mexico.. please post any companies that are operating in the US, where they go, and phone numbers.. Greyhound is a national disgrace, anyone who has ever been on a mexican bus after experiencing the mobile torture that is Greyhound knows exactly what I am Talking about! A lot of people don't know that in some places, that same first-class service that exists in Mexico is also available in the US.. I will start it off by Posting the company I just rode from Houston to Florida.. ($111, far less than greyhound's walk-up) "Tornado Bus Co.".. Super nice new bus with movies in English! (spanish subtitles usually) they operate out of Houston, 1-800-603-2087, and they go to Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Memphis, Dallas, San Antonio, Charlotte, Goldsboro, Atlanta, and a dozen different places in Florida.. the Ft. Myers office has a 1-800 also.. (888) 378-6678
Charlotte: (800)664-4365.. they don't have anything on the net that I can find in spanish or english, and when you call, there is a possibility that you will get someone that does not speak english.. just say "habla ingles?" and they'll hand the phone off to somebody that does.. They got me to Florida super quick, nicest US busride ever.. nicest bus I have ever been on in the US, it was equal to the really nice ones in Mexico.. also, they go into mexico, all the way to Chiapas.. anyone who knows of any other mexican bus companies that run in the US please POST the information, they are hard to find if you don't know about them, they usually don't advertise in english. Thanks.. Eggman
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